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cirilo commented on Adrián Nagy Hinst's blog post APM Mode switch with LCD display
"Thanks for sharing !"
Mar 8, 2015
cirilo commented on Christiaan van Vollenstee's blog post DJI T600 Inspire - Hobbyking
"I'm looking forward to see who will run it first on Arducopter ! "
Nov 14, 2014
cirilo commented on F. C. Bearsch's blog post Telemetry at 500,000,000 km... Rosetta Success!
"It's not 500,000 km, but 500,000,000 km (which makes it thousand times more amazing !)"
Nov 12, 2014
cirilo replied to Andrew Gaiennie's discussion I'm cursed
"Never give up ! Keep this in mind : build, fly, crash, repair, repeat !"
Oct 5, 2014
cirilo commented on Euan Ramsay's blog post Payloader max has its first public demo
"Well that sucks and it happened exactly the same with me using an Attopilot supposedly rated at 180A and it just blew on my octocopter loaded with a 7D... more damages than just a prop ! "
Sep 15, 2014
cirilo replied to cirilo's discussion How 3DR power module fried my APM (and also crashed my drone)
"Thanks guys for your answers. My setup was pulling clearly more than 90A and that is what has fried my PM. Nothing to do with the PM itself, just another lesson learned (the hard way). "
Apr 11, 2014
cirilo replied to cirilo's discussion 3 crashes in 1 flight : need your help guys !!!!
"Thank you all for your answers. My problem was due to a faulty motor, I changed it and now everything is working perfectly. I don't seem to have any issues with resync though, but will keep an eye on that. Any hints on how to detect this kind of…"
Mar 21, 2014
cirilo commented on noeL's blog post APM 2.6 external compass making a difference
"Went from 54% to 10% with external mag too. "
Nov 30, 2013
cirilo replied to Magnus von Rosen's discussion This "Flyman Alien" airframe and APM?
"I just bought this frame and currently working on making it fly... I balanced the CG but there is a lot of wobble due to the inertial forces made by the extra weight on both extremities of the pitch axis. "
Nov 15, 2013
cirilo replied to cirilo's discussion Trying to fly the Aliencopter Flyman Frame
"Here are the files.2013-11-09 13-03 2.log2013-09-16 17-20 2.log.gpx"
Nov 14, 2013
cirilo posted a discussion
Hi guys,I recently purchased this FPV frame : http://www.thanksbuyer.com/alien-bumblebee-multirotor-fpv-flyman-fo... is my setup :4 x BC3536-11 750 kv motors4 x 25A ESC 1 x 5000 mha 4S batteryAPM…
Nov 14, 2013
cirilo replied to Jocelyn Labreche's discussion Où volez-vous ? in Parlons français...
"Moi je vole sur un terrain de foot pour faire mes tests. Ca limite le risque de blesser quelqu'un en cas de probleme !
Oct 17, 2013
cirilo replied to VPA Robots & Drones's discussion Connection APM à Mission Planner in France
"Salut, j'ai eu le meme probleme et mon APM etait en fait grillee.... Est-ce que quand tu branches ton port USB sur ton PC l'APM est reconnue ? Si elle ne fait que s'allumer sans etre reconnue, alors elle est surement grillee. J'ai lu quelque part…"
Oct 17, 2013
cirilo posted a discussion
Another crash.. this time thanks to the 3DR power module. I used to have an external UBEC to power my APM and it was actually working pretty well. But 2 weeks ago I decided to get a 3DR power module to make things even better and have a all-in-one…
Sep 20, 2013
cirilo posted a discussion
Hi all,Well today I went for a test flight, trying to get my octocopter under control because I have an important demo to do on Saturday for a potential client. It did not go as expected. Here is my config :- RCTimer F1000 Cinestar Clone- RCtimer…
Sep 17, 2013
cirilo commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3DR GPS+mag back in stock!
"@Scoot, maybe you will need this to convert to 3.3V ? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8745 
I'm also willing to try this solution, so please keep us updated from your tests results !"
Sep 9, 2013