First flight with ArduPlane

3689469941?profile=originalI just got my ArduPilot and put it into a Super Cub. I was running default parameters as a first test. I plotted the flight path in Google earth and did some analysis of the results. I have attached the log file as well. Based on this flight, I need to tweek the PID filters for this plane to avoid overcorrection. The offset from the road where I took off and landed might be from not waiting long enough for GPS lock. Also the takeoff and landing altitudes are above the ground.



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    I modified the battery box to take a LIPO battery vertically in front of the AdruPilot. Then I cut down the top of the battery box so I could place the ArduPilot flat on top and attached it with velcro. I had to cut a small relief in front of the servos to allow the unit to fit flat. Not shown - I also put a piece of stiff foam on the right side of the AdruPilot so that it fits flush with the left side and doesn't shift when plugging in the USB connection.

    I am not running a stock configuration. I replaced the motor with a brushless motor/esc, replaced the receiver with a receiver that had an 8th channel for mode control and added ailerons.

    The bow in the fuselage is from a pre-ArduPilot mid-air when dog fighting with another Super Cub. Both planes went down in a flurry of foam. A little glue and it was back in the air. Now that I have installed the ArduPilot, I don't dog fight with this plane any more.

  • Was this in the HobbyZone Super Cub?  Can you post some pictures of your install?

  • Thanks, I'll try that. I found that my "home" spot is on a road that doesn't exist in Google Earth, so it did take off and land at the right GPS location and is on a dirt road. Also my take-off and landing altitude was fixed by setting the plane on the ground and setting the home location. Now I don't land 3 feet off the ground.


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