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I seem to be having a problem with the airspeed indicator. I have read through ALL the pages related to this and just cant get it right. Here is the problem : 

On my Skywalker, I have the airspeed indicator installed in front of the nose. THe pitot tube us the new one from 3DR ( which combines the actions/passive tubes ) . The tube extends about 2" past fuse and the side holes on the tube are out in the open.

The airspeed indicator is properly calibrated . When i blow into the tube, the airspeed rises.

When lying still, the airspeed fluctuates between 1-3 and sometimes goes to 4. This is supposed to be normal, per the manuals.

The problem is - when flying, reported airspeed is much less than what I feel it should be. This is based on flying on a very calm day, and noting the difference in AS and GS to be more than 15 km/hr ( AS is less ) .

I tried to circle etc but the difference was there in all directions.

I am using APM 2.75 . ON another plane, I have the airspeed indicator with the old pitot tubes and i flew it on the same day and it was spot on.

Do you think its an issue with the sensor hardware, tubing, pitot tubes etc ? or something I can fix with software / tuning etc.

Thanks ! 


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  • Are you sure the hoses are attached to the correct nipples on the airspeed sensor?
    There have been reports of defective pitot tubes. Cover the hole and blow in the other side to make are air is not leaking into the staic chamber.
    Did you try the new automatic airspeed calibration parameter?
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