Can I trim the aluminum pitot tubes down in length?  Maybe in half?


How many bends in the rubber tubing can I have before it begins to effect the airspeed readings?

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You can trim the pitot tube.  If you are using the static tube as well and want to trim it, make sure to trim the open end.


You just want the front of the tube to be far enough in front of the nearby airframe to be in unaffected airflow.  The leading edges of the wing and fuselage affect the airflow for some distance in front.  The faster you fly, the further the effect extends.


Bends in the rubber tubing are not a problem per se.  However, if the bend radius is small and causes the tube to close, that is a problem.  I have seen a situation where the tubing is OK on the ground, but in the air vibration or forces on the airframe cause the tubing to close, so try to keep bend radii fairly large.

As Doug pointed out, you are able to trim down the airspeed sensor pitot tubes, and you dont always need to use the static tube if your sensor is not exposed to airflow, but it not in a sealed area(Might help with saving installation space)


Another tip is to mount it at least 1.5 prop radius away from your propeller (if you are downstream of it and doest apply to pusher aircraft)

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