airspeed sensor not working

ive installed my airspeed indicator but when i tested it in console mode under test the data output i got was nanm/s and it didnt change when i try breathing in the tube

i checked that voltage is presant but im not sure how to check the analoge output has anyone seen this please



forgot to add i changed the firmware to the dec 13 version and it didnt change

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  • Regarding the Analog Airspeed Sensor MPXV7002DP on a Pixhawk and using Qgroundcontrole
    We cannot get this air speed sensor to work on our VTOL Quad (ranger) plane using the Qgc Quadranger firmware. We have it wired into the ADC 6.6v port and when we try to calibrate it the error massage comes up. Its on and working and Qgc seems to detects it but always comes up with and error, [cal] calibration failed: airspeed. Any ideas?

  • Hi All,

    I have a problem with my airspeed indicator ( MPXV7002DP ) When ever i check the voltage on the pins its shows 

    Pin 2 & 3 = 4.9v

    Pin 2 & 4 = 4.8v  

    Pin 3 & 4 = .01v

    Any body has same problem ? 



  • @chris I couldn't find the manual many thanks for that massive help.
  • Hi I have the API model number MPXV7002DP. I can not see anywhere which way u put the silcon pipes on and no where how and where it goes on the APM 2.5 board. Could someone please help and im so fed up trying different things and worrying if im about to destroy the board!!!!

  • FYI, I had something happen today on this subject; It was rather amusing in the end; so I just had to share...

    I happend to be switching back and forth between ACM and APM codes today, just messing around with HK's GCS; and such. But at some point I noticed the airspeed sensor had stopped responding in the APM CLI test. Not really paying any attention, I couldnt say exactly when it had stopped working. It had me stumped for a bit, checking cables, voltages; and even to the point of removing it and putting it on another APM/OP I have... Long story short, but to resolve it (insert drum roll here) all I simply had to do was 1) RELAX; and 2) do a reset in setup mode; and all is better...

    Ya I know, I know; just fall back to basics...

    Did you plug it in (lol)


    (PS I have a 5004 as well)

  • Distributor

    Which air speed sensor are you using?  This one or This one


    If you are using the MPXV7002DP then check the following on your air speed sensor.


    No air pressure in pipes:

    Pin 2 & 3 = 4.9v
    Pin 2 & 4 = 2.46v
    Pin 3 & 4 = 2.42v

    Air pressure in bottom tube:

    Pin 2 & 4 = 4.8v
    Pin 3 & 4 = .03v

    Air pressure in top tube:

    Pin 2 & 4 = .03v
    Pin 3 & 4 = 4.86v

    I have shown the pin numbers on the file attached, the voltage did not change on pins 2 & 3 throughout the tests.




    Please post back with the additional informtion.


    Kind Regards






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