This is not a rant against this forum/website, but about the alarming lack of interest I see in anything that is not "help me fix this?" or "what should I buy?"

I felt badly that key posts I made were getting little or no interest, so I have been going through the forums in general, discussion subjects related to design, contests, etc.

What I have seen has been one good post or idea after another by various people with 0 Comments, 0 Comments, 0 Comments...

This whole field of drones/multirotors specifically is still relatively new, the technology already commonly and easily found has not yet been exhausted, and very few people are really pushing the envelope.

I see ten times the good ideas and more importantly, INTEREST and comments on Youtube videos!

This is, looks like, or should be the PREMIERE site for the drone/multirotor community, development, etc.

- and yet, when I ses so many worthy posts with so little interest, it is just plain depressing.

Take an interest, people! This is your future, not happening before your eyes!


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