Los Angeles, CA

About Me:

Human Computer Tech, CADD Designer. Involved with Virtual Reality, Artificial Intellegence, Autonomous Security, Other interests,and now Drones.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

General interest in everything to do with true 'private' drones, as opposed to commercial delivery drones. Seriously concerned with coming legal and regulatory threats to personal UAVs/Private Drones.



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J Smith left a comment on US Drone Regulations and Concerns
"Finally! I found a group for this!
I will be reading up on this groups' posts, but in the mean time, I would suggest that the best tactic would be for maybe this group to come up with it's own set of standardsand ruules, and get as much of the drone…"
May 1, 2015
J Smith left a comment on Flight Standards
"I am primarily a conceptual and CADD designer, focusing on the physical construction of new kinds of drones, but after that, one of my main concerns is about how the drone community should start setting standards, before some bureaucrat sets them fo…"
May 1, 2015
J Smith left a comment on Ardupilot Space Program
"Fascinating concept! I have not even begun to think about all the implications and possibilities - will be checking back to do some reading!"
May 1, 2015
J Smith left a comment on Ham Drone Builders
"Fascinating! Is the general focus of this to be long-distance control of drones?
- Let me guess, there is a lot more to it than just that?"
May 1, 2015
J Smith left a comment on ROS User Group
"I still have my head wedged into CADD design of the physical drone, frame and such, but want to get into more advanced operating systems, and it looks like this may be a very good group and approach."
May 1, 2015
J Smith left a comment on Gesture Control
"Just started looking for groups, and had to join, as this is a great concept!
I personally prefer audio (speech or tone recognition) and radio/computer control, but this is fascinating. I imagine it takes some extra technology for this kind of contr…"
May 1, 2015