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Alarming lack of interest !

This is not a rant against this forum/website, but about the alarming lack of interest I see in anything that is not "help me fix this?" or "what should I buy?"

I felt badly that key posts I made were getting little or no interest, so I have been goin

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I feel badly enough that most of what I post gets little or no feedback, but when I check our discussion threads like this one, I  see one potentially good idea after another with 0 Comments, 0 Comments, 0 Comments...

Is this forum dead or something ?

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STANDARDS: Categories or classes of drones

The coming industrial drone complex is going to decide on classes, categories, or sizes of drones - unless we come up with them first, support them, use the terms in our communications, spread them, etc.

There are such classes as "450" (mm), 1000mm, e

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Let's get serious about REAL exhibitions!

I am all for ANY positive exhibition or promotion of drones, specifically multi-rotors.

However, as with overall drone design, this too is laggging along much slower and duller than it should be.

Picture this:

An exhibition at night, maybe even before o

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