I have scanned this particular forum going back to early 2013, and have seen so many worthy ideas and questions that have received little or no feedback.

My recommendation is that if you post a question here, and are not able to get the answers you need  within a week or two, go to Youtube and do some searches there. There is a lot of info there, even uncommon concepts, and real innovation. If you don't find the answers you are looking for there, you might instead find another way to do the same thing, such as an advanced google/internet search.

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  • Hi sorry to jump in to the middle of this misunderstanding but im kind of bored while waiting for my batteries to recharge for my multirotors.

    I cant wait for hybrid fuel cells or anything that can keep my toys up in the fun for more than 15 to 20 mins at a time.

    I think we would all be too busy to define what a "TROLL" is.
    just saying
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      @Reply by armen t

      Lol... ok...

      As far as batteries are concerned, you might want to check out, and keep on top of developments regarding whatv is called an "Aluminum-Air" battery. It is a technology that has essentially been proven, but still being worked on, I think it has much promise for multirotors. Its drawbacks could actually be turned around into benefits.

      • Thanks i will.
        couple days ago diydrones had a story about 2.5 hrs of flight from hybrid batteries or something to that effect.
        i think im gonna hold off on any new purchase of multi-rotors until the big jump from less than 30mins to hopefully above 30+ mins
        • I have emailed Horizon Fuel Cell several times with no reply, and just did yesterday.

          BTW, why is this discussion still at #1? It should be locked.

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            - Then why do you still come back, and of course leave nothing positive?

            Since is seems that you have no self control, and cannot resist coming back, I will accommodate your handicap - discussion closed.

          • +10

            six pages of nothing...

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              @Reply by Emin Bu

              "+10  six pages of nothing..."

              - Then don't bother torturing yourself reading it and leaving nothing but negative remarks. Go do something useful with yourself if you have nothing positive to add.

  • I bought a tarot 2 gimbal yesterday from frys for my iris plus. NO POWER AT ALL TO GIMBAL. This is my 2nd 1ris, 1st one works fine. Wtf?
  • Developer

    Do It Yourself, means most skilled/active people here has some kind of project(s) going on, and that's where their focus is. This also means that people will mostly only reply to topics they are withing their interest zone.

    Or to put it more bluntly, most people in this forum are self-taught and have put a lot of effort into their projects, and as a result have little patience for hand holding when it comes to the basics. This is also why you may have noticed that some of the very advanced topics get a lot of comments.

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