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New pilot, love flying by the beach.


Northern California

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Josh replied to Christoph's discussion Happy new IRIS+ pilot in IRIS
"I HAVE 2 IRIS+...they work great, but dont order parts from 3dr"
Jun 17, 2015
Josh replied to Eric Lee's discussion Anyone had problem ordering from 3DR store? in IRIS
"Yup, they stole my $120 also. Bought video wires for gopro, batteries, arms for my iris...took my money and nothing, 45 says and counting. Wtf"
Jun 16, 2015
Josh replied to Andrei Taylor's discussion Iris+ Transmitter not receiving telemetry data in IRIS
"You probably had a wifi interruption. ...hold down little white button on back of controller for a few seconds. It should link right back up like min did when I had that problem"
Jun 6, 2015
Josh replied to Heller Gregory's discussion Ugh in IRIS
"Hold down the reset button on the back of the controller. It usually helps when wifi disrupts my binding with my iris. Hope it helps"
May 23, 2015
Josh replied to Justin M's discussion Problems with the 3DR Iris+ in IRIS
"That sucks!!!...I have the same setup, everything has been working good. Maybe a motor went out or the battery died???!!!. Were you able to retrieve the battery to test it?"
May 20, 2015
Josh left a comment on IRIS
"Just bought iris+ from Frys, gimbal will not power on, no shakes, no blue light, no nothing. 2nd iris I bought in 2 weeks, 1st on works fine. Help!!"
May 5, 2015
Josh replied to J Smith's discussion What to do if you are not able to get your questions answered here...
"I bought a tarot 2 gimbal yesterday from frys for my iris plus. NO POWER AT ALL TO GIMBAL. This is my 2nd 1ris, 1st one works fine. Wtf?"
May 5, 2015