Multirotors: The Rotor / EDF choice difficulty...

With what, 357 some-odd subjects in this particular forum/thread/whatever, I decided not to go through all 357 to see if someone might have covered this, so if this has been covered, feel free to post links, and I will apologize, lol... I am posting this to make a last minute check before dealing with a related subject to this general concept.

There are the "Rotors" (correct me if I am using the wrong exact term in this context) and then there are EDF's. In my understanding I relate to them thusly:

"Rotors" and/or Rotor motors have a particular kind of prop, and their RPMs are in the hundreds range.

EDF's and/or motors also have a particular kind of "Prop" (Please correct me if I am using the wrong term for this), usually have an integral prop guard, 'duct', etc. and their RPMs are in the many thousands range.

"Rotors" vs. EDF's as I see it operationally and in practical effect are generally at two opposite end s of the spectrum. Rotors/Props have more torque and lift than speed, and EDFs are less for vertical lift, as they are usually used in RC planes in which the wings/fuselage etc.provide most or all of the lift, and are all about forward speed.

People have tried using EDFs in place of the normal Prop Rotors in constructing the usual types of Multirotors with limited success as far as I have seen. They technically will work, but give much less overall performance overall.


There is a huge difference in the speed of the motors of either/both concerned, and that is where I am headed with this. Are there motors that are somewhere in the middle as far as the speed, torque, lift, etc,  that are available at a median price range and that have proven their utility and performance ???


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