Truly advanced to the point of being scary...

The first video link here has had a serious influence on me and my drive to push for advanced designs and concepts. This is Raffaello D'Andrea, in a "Ted talks" video. )Note that the camera will repeatedly focus on Bill Gates in the audience) He shows the totally awesome possibilities of drones/multirotors, and I do mean "awesome" in its original meaning ! They do 'cheat' a little to do this - note the little white balls to help the video reference to make it all happen. That being said, this is amazing and even a little scary as to the potential...

Here is another example of advanced design and concepts - it may seem to some to be kind of a gimmick, and may seem to others to be scary as to its potential use or purpose.  A drone that can "Snatch" things:

This is a similar concept that is more practical than scary, a drone that can perch on a branch:

I wonder why they designed it to perch the way it does, it looks like it would be off balance or need a lot of grip to be able to do this reliably:

I was tempted to post videos about drones carrying firearms, only because is fits the description of being "scary", but no need, especially since DIY Drones has a policy against weaponized drones.

When I am able to search again, I will post more in the way of "Advanced to the point of scary".

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  • Truly amazing, especially the first video. Imagine what the accuracy of the balancing of the stick and glass of wine, means for safety, when travelling with passengers, meaning that fast deceleration will constantly fit the known G forces suitable for man. This also counts for the spinning after the cut the two blades. Passengers would get a bit dizzy, but are granted a soft and safe landing alive. The third thing from same video which strikes me is the opportunity to have the drones placed separately, thus placing anything imaginable in between them. Why not an inflatable cushion seat. Wonder what kind of size the four drones would have to be, to lift a fully grown man in that net?


    • What I find truly amazing in the first video, is that Raffaello D'Andrea explains that with the stick, the drones were programmed to deal with it, but where the glass of blue water was used, they were given no special programming, and the way they acted was by the very nature of their general programming, like it was a side effect of what comes naturally to them. The possibilities and implications are numerous beyond imagination.

      The only real limit is the fact that they required visual recognition to do it all. However, if they were able to track something via radar, sonar, etc. that could have the same result. If you reverse what they were doing, rather than just reacting to and with an object, a drone would be able to avoid another drone or a bird, even if that drone or bird was deliberately trying to collide with it.

      Something like that is possibly something that would be required in the future for commercial delivery drones, as they otherwise would not be able to interact with or avoid birds, and would simply have to be built to withstand 'bird strikes'.

      I have had an idea of something like this, where the drone would have two variable flight paths.

      The first flight path would be their intended course to a destination, and the second would be the tracking of another nearby moving object. If a bird were to deliberately try to attack the drone, it could compromise the original intended flight path to deal with or avoid the bird, while staying within an acceptable range of the intended first flight path, and then once the bird had given up, or the drone had left it behind, it could again compromise to return to the original intended flight path, or could essentially go directly to the destination, avoiding the static objects liek building that would already be in its mapping, thus acting on a new course. In an exhibition, one drone could essential fly a simple course, while a second drone could do "Barrel Rolls" around the first while also following it, like a child teasing something.

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