I have scanned this particular forum going back to early 2013, and have seen so many worthy ideas and questions that have received little or no feedback.

My recommendation is that if you post a question here, and are not able to get the answers you need  within a week or two, go to Youtube and do some searches there. There is a lot of info there, even uncommon concepts, and real innovation. If you don't find the answers you are looking for there, you might instead find another way to do the same thing, such as an advanced google/internet search.

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                  @Reply by Sgt Ric

                  Very good points, If I were to make a wish, I think that when someone starts a new discussion/thread, they should be able to eliminate negative replies/comments.

                  When someone makes a positive or neutral reply/comment, there is no motivation to delete it, so any worthy reply/comment would tend to remain, while negative, insulting or troll-ish comments could be deleted, thus leaving a much better overal experience both for the author and for viewers.

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                  @Sgt Rick

                  I like out current format as well for the same reasons. I just wish I could limit a search to within that forum post.


                  Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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    Oh great.  Trolling here on this fantastic forum because he got kicked out of MultiRotorForums.com for his trolls there.   A real loser."

    - Excuse me ???... Once again, someone who does not have the facts, making a personal attack/insult.

    FACT: I was testing that forum, to see if it would show the more negative side of forums for my friends who do not want to get involved in a forum where they would not be respected or would receive hostility.

    When I tested it, I saw that the forum reacted like a nest of mad hornets at the slightest controversial remark - not just a couple negative replies, but extremely nasty and relentless attacks.

    FACT: I did not get kicked out of that forum, and if you had checked your facts you would have seen that I left that forum due to all the hostility there, and made that point quite clear before I left. If anythikng transpired afterward in retaliation, thatn that was after the fact. I am not going to expose good people to such nastiness, and my friends have conlcuded that we should go in a different direction than forums, I remain on DIY Drones for my own sake, and may or may not try to get my friends to get involved here. It is their choice and not miine anyway.

    In nthe mean time, you are showing yourself no better by engaging in a direct personal insult in calling me a "loser" - being as you know almost nothing about me, that remark is even more in ignorance, but I am not here to prove myself to someone who starts off with insults and a lack of facts.

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    Hi J Smith,

    So where are the good questions which went unanswered?

    Few things to remember here.we all try to answer most of the times and it is human tendency to offer advice/answer even without being asked. :)

    Secondly It is DiyD site and so every one is busy with their own questions/doubts/searches.Only when they find time , would it be fair to expect some replies. It is also good practice to search other forums/sites for answers. It is good habit and decent thing to do to search internet for answers on the said topic/question before asking. how ever these days most new comers have no patience and want pop a answer/spoon fed straight away without having to do some research which isn't conductive to this society.

    Its not mandatory for every one/any to answer questions and no one is under any obligation to do so here Sharing knowledge is voluntary.

    Help and advice is voluntary too.

    So pls do feel to answer/help/appreciate those unanswered  posts  instead of posting such a long explanation/replies. you are also part of this family and pls help/spend time to answer those in need,

    Most people are helpful and would offer support/advice but personal life takes toll on every one. Just to be here is tasking for many including my self.

    If you note that most post/ blogs have atleast one or more mod/admins likes irrespective of the content!

    Coming back to original topic.

    Can some one point me to few of such unanswered good posts/blogs/questions, I along with other mods here are more than happy to answer if we have missed them. thanks

    cheers and fly safe

    • Regarding:

      "Reply by Morli yesterday

      Hi J Smith,

      So where are the good questions which went unanswered?... "

      IO have seen a little of this, to a much lesser degree in other forums/threads/whatever but this most concerned the forum of "My Project", which seemed like an ideal forum due to my interest of promoting advanced drone design and concepts. It was pointed out to me that it might not be the most watched forum, which would explain a lot.

      If you are able to check on my 'Likes', you will find most of them there, for referemnce on specific posts.

      You stated:

      "Secondly It is DiyD site and so every one is busy with their own questions/doubts/searches."

      I think that is exactly one of the issues I raise...

      More than one person has referred to this as a "Community", not just as a random term, and have written about it as being a form of community. As long as there is too much priority on mere self interest, and not joining together more in support of innovative individuals, especially those who may be beginners, but who have interesting ideas, then encouragement is lacking, whereas people could be doing so much more to advance and promote everything that this forum is here for. Maybe I hope for too much, but I would also hope that it is a worthy hope.

      You stated:

      "....how ever these days most new comers have no patience and want pop a answer/spoon fed straight away without having to do some research which isn't conductive to this society."

      I understand, of course. But that is human nature. and in a perfect drone society, people would get what they need right away, lol.  I think it is also worth consideration, that sometimes people know for the most part what they are doing, but might get hung-up on some detail, and that for them it might be "time sensitive", and maybe they are facing having to stop in the middle of what they are doing, interrupting thier chain of thought, and having to set everything aside until they can get thier answers, or, as is also human nature, they end up going ahead and guessing at something and screwing it up. Many people I am sure have been in such a situation, so you are right, but I also feel for people in that position. Drones may not be actual "Rocket Science", but they are also not necessarily the average paper airplane, and there can be real costs involved as well as a lot of time invested.

      Without any practical suggestion at hand, I can only hope that as time goes on there may be some way to deal with such things to the benefit of serious builders and pilots.

      Thank you.

    • http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/gps-settings-and-3dr-ublox-gps-vs...

      No biggy as the M8N works great here in the UK so is clearly receiving the correct commands..

      • Dear J. Smith(and others), I was in the situation described, and was quite dissaponted, until i suddenly after weeks found your answer. I hope you are still interested, so this vehicle will at least be created in 3D as i mentioned and tested within my lifetime, since there is an urgent need for it, especially in Africa. (See my project AfreeAfrica.org)

        I have requested your friendship and posted an answer to the tread which you responded so positively to.

        I sure hope someone will help build this scalable model.

        Here is something similar, so just imagine that it has to be completely inflatable and with helium compartments instead. Ufo drone

        Here it is

        (A major issue, is that this forum doesn´t integrate your feeds into the profile, making it hard to keep track of all messages.)

        • Regarding:

          Reply by Lars Hansen

          I have accepted/requested your friend status, and have replied on the thread concerned with some ideas for you.

          Thank you for your friendly and unexpected-on (this thread lol) reply.

    • http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/disparity-between-roll-and-pitch-...

      I did solve this myself in the end, it was an ESC calibration issue whereby one ESC took much longer to beep than the others, motor No. 4..

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    Bringing this back to topic...

    Three very simple statements here.

    1. Make sure that the idea / question hasn't already been given / asked.

    2. Make sure the comment / question is posted in the correct group.

    3. Ask the question privately to a person who is a SME in that area if you're still having problems.

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