I don't know what is wrong, but my radio's connect 100% and I can do everything in Mission Planner but as soos as I click on the Terminal button it opens and then start talking alien to me.

If I connect APM with MP using a usb cable, the Terminal(CLI) is working.

I tried re-installing MP ... still garbage.

I attached a screenshot

Last thing, it did work before.

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Do you have your board set to 115200 baud. Also note that the telemetry link sends binary data over the link, so if you fail to enter command mode, you will see 'alien' but that's ok. You can enter CLI by reseting the board and pressing return three times at the beginning. 

1) originally, you could not connect to CLI over wireless
2) with APM2+, USB and wireless UARTs are shared, but there were good reasons to prevent cli over wireless. When you switch to CLI, you are no longer running flight processes. Drop into CLi, drop out of the sky.
3) the "alien" is MAVlink. It is a protocol that sends all the lovely position, attitude, status information to programs like Mission Planner, Mavproxy, qgroundcontrol, and mavelous.
4) a new feature added recently allows you to connect to CLI over wireless, but it can only happen within 20 seconds of boot. After that, you need to reset power or push the 'reset' button.
5) when connecting to CLI (cable or USB) what you are doing is butting in on the ongoing MAVlink flow of data and entering three carrage returns. If it is over wireless AND within 20 seconds of boot and it gets these three returns then it stops the main flight loops and mavlink and drops into the cli menu. At this point, you do not have a flight controller, you have a small embedded system whose only purpose in life is to wait for you to type a key, so it can process that keyless against a list of menu options.

I hope that helps you understand what is normal.

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