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Programmer, and I like it!

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Want to play a bit with FPV. Have the following: SteadiDrone QU4D, 3DR telemetry, Fatshark, Gopro3, HiTec Aurora9


Letsitele, South Africa

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Willie Botha posted a discussion
Where in MP can I see the Launch/Arm location (and distance to launch/arm)? If its not there I think it must be added.  My copter wanted to fly away once and I wanted to see where  the Launch/arm location was but can not find the parameter/variable.
Feb 5, 2013
Willie Botha replied to Kevin Hester's discussion Andropilot - discussion for Android ground controller users/developers
"This is the best app that I have on my Phone & Tablet ... BIG thank you!!!"
Feb 4, 2013
Willie Botha commented on Duran - ALTI's blog post Video - SteadiDrone QU4D
"Great Video ... also like the "water drag"!!!"
Jan 28, 2013
Willie Botha posted a discussion
I don't know what is wrong, but my radio's connect 100% and I can do everything in Mission Planner but as soos as I click on the Terminal button it opens and then start talking alien to me.If I connect APM with MP using a usb cable, the…
Jan 25, 2013
Willie Botha posted a photo
Motor wires soldered
Jan 25, 2013
Willie Botha replied to MarvinS's discussion APM2.5+ Gone
"I had exactly the same problem ... lucky there was a tree in it's way so it crashed!! I had a Log file ... still don't know what when wrong. See my post : http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/first-flight-crashed?xg_source=ac..."
Jan 25, 2013
Willie Botha posted photos
Jan 23, 2013
Willie Botha posted a discussion
Well I was happy to do my first test flight ... until it crashed/malfunctioned!GPS locked,  I armed,  take off,  hovered for a few seconds, then wanted to check the RTL, switched to RTL ... up and away until it crashed against a tree!   It felt like…
Jan 22, 2013