Well I was happy to do my first test flight ... until it crashed/malfunctioned!

GPS locked,  I armed,  take off,  hovered for a few seconds, then wanted to check the RTL, switched to RTL ... up and away until it crashed against a tree!   It felt like everything happened too quick.  I did nothing wrong (I think) now need to order new props but is now a little scared that it might fly away...

I attached my log if anyone can maybe tell me why or what happened!

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Are you aware that by default when you enter RTL the aircraft is set to climb in elevation by 15M?

Yes, I am aware ... the thing is that it started to climb slowly, but flew quite fast in a direction away from launch location. I was about 15/20meters away from the trees where it crashed in.

I activated the RTL about 3/4meters in the air from the launch location ... should it not return to the launch location directly? Instead it took off away from my launch location, I did not expect it to fly away so far to RTL.

Ok just wanted to make sure, and I looked at your logs after I posted that. I am not the most proficient at the logs just yet but it seemed to me that the actual climb did not reflect the 15m climb, but like you said your heading was all over the place when the crash happened. 

I am sure the experts here will help you figure out what happened. Good luck!

Thank you,  because I think I did nothing wrong ... but something was not going as it should have!

Willie I checked your log and your altitude does not start from 0. Did you initialize APM somewhere else before flying?

In my house I switched on my controller, connected the battery, connected the telemetry (pc was in the house), walked to launch location (about 50meters) and then put the quad down, made sure GPS is locked, then armed and launched.

Altitude should have started from 0, is it complete log or some part is missing?

It's the complete log.  The flight started at about 84% of the log, when I armed.

I see when I armed it, the ALT did drop but to about -2meters should it have been 0? Should the APM not "reset" the ALT(home altitude) to 0 when armed?

And do you think that is the problem why it took off in a strange direction?

I dont think that is the problem, but it should have been reset to 0 when arming the motors. Reason of it going in strange direction could be because of wrong magnetometer reading. As far as my understanding is, it does calibration of magnetometer during flight. If calibration is not completed or proper, this could happen. Just my diagnosis, I am no expert here.

Hey again Willie was this with those chock blocks you are using between the ESC and motors ?? We HIGHLY suggest soldering the ESC to the motors, NOT using the chock blocks, VERY risky using them, I have not seen anyone do this, the screw WILL loosen in flight after a while, even just a slight connection error can cause all kind of problems.


Yes ... but like I said I used it just to check the motor directions.  I am just waiting for new props should be today/tomorrow.  I will solder everything today and then try again this weekend.

It was just strange what happened, hovered without a problem, swith mode to "RTL" and it flew like it wanted to go overseas!

(don't think the "blocks" affected the "malfunction")

Hi, you should check that the heading (yaw)? is really showing the right direction (compare to a compass). Also with motors running (tie it to something heavy...). If high current wires run nesr the APM board, ite compass will readma distorted magnetic field and the APM will correct any small position error by flying off in the wrong direction..
Regards, Soren

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