Today I lost my quad

Went out flying and was hover about 10ft high and about 30ft away. I decided to try RTL turned on the switch and the quadcopter quickly started to climb in the sky above the cloud and disappeared.

I lost my new APM2.5+ and Gps.(30days old) I am so hurt losing my new Apm2.5+

I hope someone will fell sorry for me. If not I guess 1 more year of savings for a new one.

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Sad day...
I assume you switched back to stabilize but didn't respond.
Has RTL worked before?
Sorry to hear about you loss.

Don't give up yet!

If you had telemetry going then your log will give you a lot of info on where it was heading or maybe even show you exactly where it is at.

Go back through and try to figure out what went wrong. Could you have switched into AUTO accidentally?  

Where did you power up and set home position for that flying session? That's where RTL would take it. 

How many Ah capacity left in the battery when this happened, if not much and it was climbing with a lot of power, then it couldn't have gone far.

I don't know what the terrain is like where you were flying, but look at a map and estimate a radius of possibility for where it could have gone. Put on your boots and go hiking. Like a lost cat they are always closer than you imagine.

Rechecked Switch and it was set RTL
Fully charged 5000mah battery

Ensured that I got a fix GPS before taking off

Yes while climbing I switched it back to stabilize but that didn't work because I couldn't tell what direct it was going so I switched it back to RTL and waited 30mins and no luck

The stupid me i had the 433mhz on the quad but removed the antenna and didn't connect it to my laptop. If I had the telemetry on I would be able to fine it.
Why do/did you have 433mhz? You may be allowed to use it if you 1) configure it correctly and 2) have your ham license.
You should never operate the radio module without an antenna. That can damage the radio.
Paul, it sounds like you didn't have a good fix yet. Less than five sats will do that, jumping around. You need at least five, but it is usually best to get 7-9 locked before flying.

With five, you should not see it jumping around like that. You can set a parameter in the newish limits features that prevents arming when you don't have a 3D fix on your GPS.

If you are seeing 7-9 sats and it still jumps around, replace your GPS cable and take a serious look at the quality of your power distribution. You should definitely not see an issue like that with a proper sat lock.

Marvin,sorry for your loss as others have said they are often closer than you think, good luck searching.

@Paul I don't think his hardware fail sounds like the switch selection was incorrect.

You cannot just go out and expect the GPS constellation to be perfectly positioned above your mission site. What does that mean. It means there might not be enough over the horizon or they might be horribly placed.

I check what might be overhead before I fly.

I had exactly the same problem ... lucky there was a tree in it's way so it crashed!! I had a Log file ... still don't know what when wrong. See my post :

Sorry for your loss. I had the same thing happen to me at night. Real sinking feeling. Did you have your name, address and phone on the copter? I do that now on all my aircraft.
Next time I will put a label on the quad great advise.
Thanks for the info
Please explain further the newish limits feature the prevents arming if you don't have 3d fix

Where on the mission planner would I find that
Thank you for your link and information

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