I have my QuadCopter built. I am using the Propeller microprocessor (I built my own pcbs) to control this. I intend using a Wii gyro (from a Wii motion plus), but currently I have no feedback connected.

Currently I have all propellers rotating in the same direction. I have counter-rotating ones on order. I can get off the ground and my quad rotates as expected.

However, I was thinking that rather than angle just the rear motor (in a "+" configuration) about 15 deg, would angling all motors about 4 deg work???

Is there any upside/downside with using all same rotational propellers???



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  • The counter rotating props are required on a quad not only to counter the engine torque but also allow you to yaw/turn the copter as well. You could manually rotate one or all of them enough to counter torque but you will not be able to yaw/turn.


    Put shortly, you must use counter rotating props on quad/hexa/octo multicopters with proper controller....



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