Almost lost my Drone :(

Hii. Couple days ago I almost lost my Drone. Fortunately after few search days I have menaged to find him in the bush. Failsafe did not work, and i do not know why. So I would be greatful if somebody could check my flight logs and maybe give me some clues

p.s I set the failsafe LAND


2014-07-02 17-13-29.log


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  • Hi I know it's too late, but about tracker or gps something like that? in order to locate the lost drone?

  • Just wondering, did you test failsafe with the ap hooked up to a computer or minimosd with accompanying goggles/screen ? Did the APM switch to the right flight mode when you turn off the tx ? Naturally you need to do this without props or power to the motors. I always try these things whenever i change or update the firmware just in case some params got overwritten or changed.

    • Hi-mP1

      Of course I tested earlier Failsafe, and quad beautifully landed without any problem. I do not really know what was the cause of such a thing.

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