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Hey guys its been a while since I've been around. To give you a status update, I didn't win the undergraduate research completion that I developed the UAV for. But thats the way things go. Anyways, I've been messing around with the idea of placing the Ardupilot on my high power rockets (only using it as a telemetry unit, since alot of 3 letter agencies wouldn't like the whole autopilot on a rocket, aka a missile.). The question I have since I've been out for so long, did an altimeter ever get developed for the board? Thanks have a good weekend all!!!Bill

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  • the Eagle Tree stand alone Alt. is only $38.00 with v3 data loger another $70
  • Getting a MPXV5004DP and plugging the static port might work. Or just using a SCP1000, MPX4115, or some other pressure sensor. And then doing the ADC on the microprocessor.
  • Hello fellow rocketeer...

    Have you thought about an altimeter that logs telemetry??? I've been thinking of putting Featherweight Raven in my Loc Doorknob for data logging, and to get away from motor ejection.

    At $149.00, for the size and options you get, I think it beats most Gwhiz, & Ozark ARTS altimeters.

    The MAWD is only $99.00, and you could RF link it to a ground station and watch the data as it flies, so that could be an option too.

    Just my $0.02... :)

    Here's my Doorknob, unpainted... :)
  • Thanks for the info, I'll have to look into this further
  • you could get an arduimu board and hook an SCP1000 breakout board to the spi, need to level convert the spi lines from 5 to 3.3. use resistors, might work, or use a little more complicated transistor circuit. I'm suddenly a fan of spi communication.

    I got that much to work, and have the v1.0 IMU reading the pressure and converting to altitude, at least approximately. The sensor is neat, it can detect changes less than half a meter, seems to be repeatable enough, does start to drift a little (less than half a meter) though.

    I can post the code if anybody wants.

    the sparkfun breakout board is a little more ($50, I think).

    I'd vote for an scp1000 right on the board or on shield with airspeed differential sensor, for new Ardupilot Pro / Mega.
  • T3
    AerialRobotics ALTIGPS.
    at some 43EUR plus shipment.
    The only problem is a at this price level I don't want to provide the support for the toy beyond the level of diydrones forum, instead I am finishing beta testing with a few reliable persons then the datasheet + debug yourself your comms. It is not even actively advertised - because ti is so cheap and taking time.
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