Altitude Hold.

Hello everyone i am new to the group. i have a question i need help with. i recently purchased a  DIY 250 racer type drone. Is their anyway i can put altitude hold on it? i dont want to buy another one if i can do this mine! (it was already together when i go it so i have no clue of the components. was just curious if it was possible and if it is what do i need to purchase to make it do so?

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  • im sorry this is my controller.

    it says it has a barometer built in what would i need to add to it to make altitude hold work?

  • Is this the flight controller you're using?

    According to the info on that site is has an MS5611 barometer on the chip, it's the job of the barometer to measure air pressure changes that the flight controller converts to an altitude reading.

    Your flight controller will run either Cleanflight or Betaflight flight control firmware (I use Betaflight for my race quads) and they both support Altitude Hold flight mode. I've never set it up in either firmware since I don't rely on altitude hold on my racer, but if your flight controller has a barometer it can absolutely do altitude hold.
  • dragon fly 32 deluxe,

  • Which controller have your racer? in this forum you are going to find people using Arducopter compatibles flight controllers and, with them, you can use altitude hold.

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