Altitude hold implementation & fail safe 101 ...



I have my arducopter modes set to the following:


3 way selector         gear         mode

           0                    1           stabilize

                                 2           stabilize

           1                    1           alt hold

                                 2           loiter

           2                    1           simple

                                 2           rtl


Up to this point in time, all I was able to test is stabilize mode.


Did bench test though with alt hold and in that mode, the throttle will go automatic and therefore moving the throttle key will not solicit movement in the copter. The wiki though says moving the throttle all the way up or down will cause copter to increase or reduce altitude.


Question: In alt hold mode, if I accidentally move the stick up or down (not all the way up or down though) and then I change mode to stabilize, what will be the arducopter behavior? I mean it will stabilize but will it go down if the throttle value when alt-hold was initiated is higher than the the throttle stick "accidental" value or the other way if the throttle values are reversed? Any tips on how to minimize a crash.


I tried arming the arducopter, increase the throttle value so propeller started spinning then turned the transmitter off. All the propellers stopped sppining! (I did set my turnigy throttle fail safe to 20% following this thread The motors are still armed though and when transmitter turned on again, the propellers spinned to the same velocity as before the transmitter was turned off. So for some reason if transmitter communication is lost, what fail safe procedure do we follow to prevent the copter from dropping out from the sky literally?





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  • Answer: If your throttle is on full during Alt-Hold and you switch back to stable your copter will go up in the air like a rocket.


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