Altitude holder problems

I tried to move my flight mode to Altitude holder when I was flying but when I around 2 meters from the ground the drone tries to land.
When I give some more power to adjust the altitude, the drone jumps like there is a bad reading of the sonar but I checked the logs and it seems to be good.

Do I have too much noise on the accelerometer ? Do I need to tune the altitude PID ?

Flying in stable mode is good

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  • Hi Chris
    Installed exactly following the Sonar instructions, including shielded cable etc. Sonar is mounted on a large Y6 on a carbon arm away from prop wash. Also isolated against accustical noise from the motors with some side-mounted foam (as on Marco Robustini's Octo as seen in the 3.0.1 announcing video, leaving of course downwards view free, just in case you would ask :-).

    Baro is factory made covered in the APM 2.5 case and in addition is below a top plane on which a GPS antenna with a quite large cooper ground plane is mounted which gives, as a side effect, also full shade to the baro (as recommended by Microcopter Germany).
    Log's show no strange readings.
    This is why I do not know where to search any more. 

  • Too many unknowns about your setup. Is your barometer correctly covered so that its shielded form light and wind/prop wash? You say you have a sonar. Is it setup correctly?

    Go through all these:

  • I have exactly the same and could not yet find a solution.

  • Any idea? nobody?

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