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max246 posted a discussion
I was wondering if I could just wire the UBLOX  ( https://www.u-blox.com/en/product/c94-m8p ) to the input of the 3DR brain to get a centimetre accuracy and create a mission with way points to create a light patter with my custom drone.It sounds a…
Sep 20, 2016
max246 replied to max246's discussion Override target Altitude holder
Nov 7, 2013
max246 replied to Daniel Allen's discussion How to output servo signal from APM output?
"You need to enable on the gimbal and setup the output on the A-port of the APM and the input with channel 8.

MY configuration I have attached a servo on the A11 and with channel 6 from my remote, I can trigger it. Remember that you have to power…"
Nov 7, 2013
max246 posted a discussion
I am trying to override the target of the Altitude holder with a custom message from Mavlink but I am not sure how to do it.I was looking into the code and trying to find out which variable was storing the actually cms that the drone needs to be,…
Nov 4, 2013
max246 replied to max246's discussion Altitude holder problems
"Any idea? nobody?"
Aug 28, 2013
max246 posted a discussion
I tried to move my flight mode to Altitude holder when I was flying but when I around 2 meters from the ground the drone tries to land.When I give some more power to adjust the altitude, the drone jumps like there is a bad reading of the sonar but I…
Aug 27, 2013
max246 replied to max246's discussion Problem with Arducopter 3.0.1 and APM 1
"I have checked back all screws and motors, it seems to be everthing fine and I did another test... here there is the video + log

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9bUVfW3VVo&feature=youtu.be2013... 16-17 2.log"
Aug 8, 2013
max246 posted a discussion
I have just flashed the new Arducopter 3.0.1 and I am trying to follow all the instructions to make my drone flying, but it is not stable.My acc values are between 6 and -6 ( that doesnt seem to be good ) and because is not very stable I am not able…
Aug 7, 2013
max246 commented on Fatih Gokce's blog post Dancing Parrot Ar.Drone 2.0s
"Yes.. it  looks like that each square has different colors. But well the image detection is quiet fast :) 
You can check the NodeJS ARDrone how they done the Face detection.

Btw. you should do the same with Arducopter, take 4-5 drones and create a…"
Jan 23, 2013
max246 commented on heikki.tukiainen's blog post Happy New Year 2013!
"You are crazy! But it's awesome dude :) "
Dec 30, 2012
max246 commented on Randy's blog post Hokuyo Laser Range Finder needs a home
"Randy will be helpful if you can just hook up the sensor and give us what information you can read :) I haven't checked on internet about this sensor but maybe I can find a documentation about the protocol "
Dec 26, 2012
max246 commented on Randy's blog post Hokuyo Laser Range Finder needs a home
"Well, this sensor has a normal Serial interface, so will be easy connect to the APM. You just have to try to connect these two pins to an Arduino and check what is the output."
Dec 26, 2012
max246 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New alternative Arduino IDE
"I don't really like to use Arduino IDE on Windows and Mission Planner, I hope that they are going to port MP for Linux :)"
Nov 30, 2012
max246 replied to max246's discussion Arducopter 2.8.1 on my APM 1
Nov 26, 2012
max246 posted a discussion
There was a special warning message that the latest version of Arducopter doesn't work very well on the APM 1, I'd like to know if the problem has been fixed or should I stay on the version 2.7.3.I am trying to have the drone very stable with a…
Nov 26, 2012
max246 replied to Georg's discussion Modifying Code for Hexacopter
"There is the file APM_Config.h, enable the configuration of your drone"
Nov 26, 2012