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Georg posted a discussion
Hey!I was wondering if there is a datasheet or any Information on the IMU used on the APM2.5? On the ArduPilot page there seems to be only information on the APM1 hardware - and even there I can not find any datasheets or similar information. I…
Mar 18, 2013
Georg replied to Georg's discussion MAVlink messages only with 13Hz
"All right - we found the problem. In our case we want to do external control and state estimation so we needed some specific MAVlink messages containing IMU measurements. So in case you have a similar problem here is what we did to get the attitude…"
Mar 7, 2013
Georg posted a discussion
Hey there :)I am not sure whether this is the right place for my question, but I feel like it could be a software problem. Recently I noticed, that the APM sends MAVlink messages at about 13Hz maximum. Even if I request a rate of 50Hz! (Tested in…
Mar 6, 2013
Georg replied to Georg's discussion Ultrasonic sensor does not work properly
"Solved it - not very neat but it works I think :)
The voltage seems to be the problem. I decided to test this and took a 4.5V Battery pack (3x1.5V) and used this to power the Sonar. Now the Value in QGC stops to jump (tested it up to an altitude…"
Dec 10, 2012
Georg posted a discussion
Hey guys,my altitude hold was working very poorly, so I decided to read out my ultrasonic data. Up to height 100 (not sure about the units here) it works fine but then the signal starts to jump at random. I was wondering if this could be some kind…
Dec 3, 2012
Georg left a comment for Roman Hofstetter
"Hey Roman,
nice to meet you here! How is your Copter doing? :) Are you hungry right now? Patrick wants to meet you ...
See you, Georg"
Nov 27, 2012
Georg posted a discussion
Hey,does anyone of you guys know where I can define a new Parameter, which i can observe in MP? I want to record the TROTTLE_CRUISE. I could overwrite an existing parameter but I am not sure whether this will work. Any Ideas?Were in the code is this…
Nov 27, 2012
Georg replied to Georg's discussion Modifying Code for Hexacopter
"I have a new Problem now: I can not arm my motors anymore. It worked quite well a couple of times to upload my own code but since the last upload of my code I can not start the copter anymore. I tried the firmware via MP and the Problem is the same,…"
Nov 26, 2012
Georg posted a discussion
Hey Guys,I am about to change the ArduCopter code (no experience there - want to try out some changes in altitude control). Now my question: For I am using a Hexacopter - do I need to specify my setup in the code? I am using Arduino to load the code…
Nov 26, 2012