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          • I'm using opentx-taranis-lua-en.bin 2.0.12

  • I took a stab at the 7x7 icons from the Git repository. Problem is 7x7 is very small and it is very hard to differentiate the different states you are trying to represent, but here goes, I didn't name them by function because I didn't really know what would be more intuitive.







    All .bmp 4-bit and use all 7x7 space.

    • Thanks. I'll take a look at these as soon as possible. I think the message-log will look nice with some icons.

      • The images is pushed to my github. Unfortunately it seems like openTx has some kind of problem with them, or images that is 7x7 in general. I have to investigate a little.

        • We could make them 8x8 leaving the first column empty. I think I had the same issues with the arrows and changing them to 6x6 fixed it, but 6x6 is too small for these.

  • I have actually one issue on my Telemetry Screen and have no idea what to do.

    I have a 3d fix and on my Taranis i can see the correct Longitude but the Latitude is always 0°N 00' 0.0''

    Is that a known issue an how can i fix it ?

    Many thanks


  • In the Arducopter_Position telem2.lua what are p0.bmp and t0.bmp supposed to look like? Also uarrow.bmp and darrow.bmp, wouldn't it be better to reuse arrow0.bmp and arrow8.bmp? And where is hud00.bmp?.

    I can get this script to display in the simulator but not on the PLUS. I renamed it telem3.lua and put it in the _modelname_ subdirectory under /SCRIPTS/ and all it shows is a blank screen.

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