• Hey rolf, do you have paypal, i wanted to donate $1 for everyone who buys a teensy or pre setup, someone ordered a bunch at once and i have made $13 in postage savings so i thought who better than you the creator?

    So far i have sold 13 to 10 different peopleon ebay and else where

    • Hi Jared

      Sent you a msg on eBay.



      • i have not got any messages?

        • Hi Jared

          Placed an order on ebay last wednesday. Any idea on when you're planning to ship, because I have to plan for opening my Hexa to place the Teensy.


          • Dont worry ,it is on its way! :)

            • LoL

              It's only the number of things that I have to take apart on my hexa that worries me :)

    • No, thank's ... it's very kind of you but i'm just happy to see that so many people likes the application.

      Don't miss to change  to the updated code ( , there was a problem with GPS coordinates for the western part of the globe, this is now corrected. 

      • okay, ill check it out, is there a charity you would like me to donate to maybe?

  • Rolf, IT WORKS!

    The data was being passed. I finally saw how it was being reinitialized. Once I corrected that the data appeared in the Taranis as expected.

    I did some playing around with sending data to the SPort when I couldn't get the live data working. What I noticed was that the ground speed displayed on the Tx was not a 1 for 1 representation of the data I sent. If I sent 25 the Tx showed 23, 50 ->49, 100->101, and 200->202. Have you seen this in your testing?

    Thanks for your help in getting this working, and thanks again for making your code available so I could do this.



    • Roger,

      Taranis is showing the Speed (FR_ID_SPEED) in knot and is using the following code for this:

      frskyData.hub.gpsSpeed_bp = (frskyData.hub.gpsSpeed_bp * 46) / 25/1000;

      46/25 = 1.84

      This must be a fault in the taranis code. To convert  m/s to knot the factor is 1m/s = 1.94384449 knot and not 1.84 

      In my code i have converted to km/h

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