• Hello Rolf,

           ap_rc_ch3 = mavlink_msg_rc_channels_raw_get_chan3_raw (& msg);

    works great. Thank you. I would not have done it without your help.

           ap_rc_ch3 = mavlink_msg_rc_channels_raw_get_chan3_scaled (& msg);

    does not work. But it's not bad.


    • Sorry, my misstake.. it should be:

             ap_rc_ch3 = mavlink_msg_rc_channels_scaled_get_chan3_scaled (& msg);

  • Rolf, I'm having issues. For some reason none of data in the ap_  GPS variables (eg ap_groundspeed) make it from MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino to FrSkySPort.ino. They all end up zero. Got any ideas?

    Not having real data from the GPS to work with, I took the values of the ap_ variables and assigned them in FrSkySPort.ino. Hurray data showed up on the Taranis. Only the gps_status (sent as T1) made it unmodified. Latitude and longitude degrees made it OK, but minutes got modified. For example 39 degrees 34.5846 minutes ended up as 39 degrees 20.7504 minutes and 75 degrees 43.9724 minutes came out as 75 degrees 26.3832 minutes. Here is an example of what I fed in: latlong=((393458460/100)*6);

    I know I'm doing something wrong. I just can't figure out what.


    • Roger,

      The data for Lat. and Long you supply is a decimal number and the Taranis  convert this to  degrees and minutes

      check this..

      ap_groundspeed will be zero as long as you don't have real GPS data (with movement aka groundspeed)

      also my program checks the gps_fix and don't send any data as long as gps_fix is less than 3.( 3D lock)

      Online Conversion - Decimal Degrees
      Convert to and from decimal degrees and degress minutes seconds.
  • Thanks Rolf for providing this great solution!

    Most of the functions work well, and I find them very useful. There seem to be a few problems however.

    1) GPS speed always shows 0 for some reason

    2) GPS coordinates seem to be wrong. In particular my longitude is really off as you can see in the attached picture (i don't think -255 degrees even exists)

    Do you have any idea how to fix it? GPS coordinates are especially important to me in case of a fly away.




    • Try updating Taranis FW, I had the same issue.
      • My FW is the newest. I may try to reflash it again maybe. But it gave me no trouble so far, except this

        • try, I had exactly the same issue, after re-flash(in my case update) all working. 

          • Artem & Andrew, what is the fw version on yours Taranis? just to compare...

            • not at home so cannot reply right away, be back with info tonight.

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