• You star.

            Sorry, I have never used Arduino before, I did some PIC stuff years ago, but that compiler knew which chip it was compiling for from the code header.

            Thanks Marcus


            • All working with my VR micro brain :)

  • Thanks for your awesome work, Rolf!

    I'm trying to use this mod with my mini apm, with no success.

    I've tried to use a tensy 3.1 on telemetry port to send data direct to my taranis, using smart port. Everything seems to be working, tensy led shows correct status, with mavlink connection active, but my taranis did not receive any data. I've tried everything, I'm sure that all connections are fine with tensy.

    Do you know if tx and rx pins from telemetry port on mini apm have different voltages from big apm?

    Is it possible to debug tensy and see the data passing from mini apm to taranis?

    Thank you

    • Perhaps the issue I had, after updating to AC3.2 and reset. Resulting in no data recieved on the taranis yet the teensy transmitting but no data at all. Some values were changed and then changed back and voila, data again.

  • I am trying to edit some code to Catch the call that shows all cell-levels and not just cell_min.

    Anyone know the call to make? To get the function for cell_min its :  cellmin=getValue(214)

    Should be a similar way to get "cells" that is available on other telemetry pages of the taranis, but I cant figure out how :)

    • 3702540730?profile=originalI want the right info there if possible in the LUA-script :)

  • So, is there a fully working version, including gps for the pro mini arduino? If so which version? Thanks
  • hi marcus,

    there was no way to reply direct under your last post. so i have to reply here.

    Reply by Marcus Harrysson1 hour ago

    Ah ok, nice to have all working now!

    But how to get mAh-usage showing and such? 

    The F G H I from

    I see voltage and cell-min and I Think I did the config correctly with Wh but no values as there :/

    did you use a current sensor? the teensy submit current and consumption (mah) from mavlink. without current sensor no calculation for mah and wh is possible. and if you have an current sensor in use, i am unsure if you must configure the apm or pixhawk to submit mah and not % values for consumption.


    did you use the latest version of my scripts. if not please update to the latest version. i have fixed the occasional Telem1.lua script error.





    • Ahhh I need Another sensor for the apm?
      Then I know why it doesnt work :)  Thought it somehow could sense things without one using teensy,

      but now I know.  Guess Ill have to figure out how to connect a current sensor on my version of APM then :)

      Thanks for the answer, all other works very well atleast, using latest script too, so no errors!

      • BTW, is it possible to edit the code to just have lipo-voltage and the cells instead of wattage etc? :)

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