• This not declared scope error occurs during compiling ain Arduino 1.0.5 r2, so it is not depends on the actual board you have but the selection from the board list. I choosed Arduino pro or pro mini that is failed in compiling (just in test, not in upload). I tried to copy into exaples as you recommended but error is the same.

        What board do you select?

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          • 1.0.5-r2

            • having the same problems as Bordacs

              • which? the:

                MavLink_FrSkySPort:145: error: 'Serial1' was not declared in this scope

                is caused by wrong Arduino IDE, use 1.0.5-r2.

                • I have 1.0.5 rc2  but serial1 was not defined in this scope.

                  What shall i download the pro mini compatible version? i may have a broken version. wont let me download anything!

                  • Hi Paul,

                    I've been searching for days now but without any result.

                    Did you find a solution?

                    please let me know

  • I have it wired up exactly as described to my Pixhawk telemetry 2 port (I checked the pinout for the pixhawk telemetry port to make sure it was right). When I power it up the Teensy just blinks orange slowly. The only telemetry value I get on my Taranis is A1 which reports around 4.4 volts. Any idea why it isn't working? Do I need to change the baud rate for the telemetry port on my Pixhawk? It's set to 57600 right now. Thanks!

    • Check if TX pin on the PixHawk is connected to RX pin on the Teensy.

      I believe there's an option related to MinimOSD on Mission Planner to force transmitting telemetry.

      I don't have that issue because my Teensy is in Parallel with the Bluetooth dongle on port 2, and on port 1 I have the 433 Telemetry radio alone.

      • Oh wow, that was the problem. I had TX -> TX and RX -> RX. I switched them and now it's working fine. Thanks so much!

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