• Zeek,

          I created a modified version of the Clooney82 LUA telemetry script specifically for plane. It includes a new lua script (a modified version of telem1.lua) called plane.lua, plus a bunch of new flight mode wav files. I have no way to test this script (as I don't have a pixhawk running plane FW), but it is very specific that you have Arduplane 3.3.x firmware on your pixhawk and OpenTx 2.1.7 on your Taranis.

          The attached file contains 2 folders:

          TELEMETRY - containing plane.lua - this should be placed on your SD card beside the telem1.lua file in the path /SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY

          SOUNDS - containing a bunch of WAV files which need to be placed in the SD card folder /SOUNDS/EN/TELEM beside the other telemetry script wav files. These wav files complement the existing files (so doesn't overwrite any and will not have an effect of running telem1.lua for a multirotor model), and they use the 'Ava' voice. 

          If this works, then I will speak with Clooney82 about him supporting this alongside the multirotor version.

          Cheers, Paul

          • Fantastic Paul. Hopefully I will have time to test it soon. It has been extremely cold up here in the mountains of Vail colorado. Thanks a lot for your work!
            • Zeek, Vail, always wanted to visit - I'm an avid snowboarder! Just loaded the modified lua script on my Taranis and noted some syntax errors which I fixed. The fixed version is attached. Cheers.


              • Thanks again, I haven't had time to go out and test yet. I ride too but with a newborn riding time has gone down significantly!

          • wow.... nice... thanks I bet that was a lot of work!  I'll try this next summer! 

  • Hi all

    I'm using a Pro Mini for this, with Hector's code:

    It's all working great on my Taranis apart from the GPS - I get no indication of the number of satellites, and the coordinates fluctuate pretty close to zero.

    When I'm hooked up to Mission Planner the GPS works fine - it gets my exact location, so I suspect it's not a problem with the GPS but the transmission/Taranis. 

    I have not configured the Taranis as per these instructions, ( as I cannot select custom script as a page option. 

    I feel I'm missing something obvious, any input welcome.

    Converts Mavlink packets to Frsky S.Port Useing Software serial - rotcehdnih/Mavlink2Frsky
    • Ben, Hector's code is not very clearly documented so I have no idea how compatible it is with the Telemetry configuration you are looking at on the Clooney82 wiki. The telemetry config on Clooney82 page is specifically configured to work with the sensor data his Teensy code puts out, and lines up with his LUA telemetry script which runs on the Taranis. I can't say how compatible this telemetry config would be with Hector's code, despite the fact that both sets of code started life being branched from the same (Rolf) code version. I would suggest either finding out more about the required configuration for Hector's code or, ditch that and move over to the Clooney82 code all together, where you will find much better documentation on setting things up - plus a very active user base ready to assist ;-) You would of course require a teensy board to be able to do this, sorry!

      On your other point about the custom script page missing, its likely that you don't have the LUA version of the Taranis firmware installed. In companion, in your radio profile, you need to check the LUA box, then download the firmware which should come down as the version which includes the LUA pages. Flash your Taranis and you should see the page is no longer missing.

      • Hi Paul,

        Could you remind me pls, is there any new teensy code updated with all new voice messages newest arducopter 3.3.2 rc2 produces?
        If it exists, where is its download page? I tried to google it today but did not find for some reason.
        It is not a huge issue but I wanted to update all components to match.

        Also, as I understand, there is no need at all to upgrade Taranis firmware itself, old original one is perfectly fine and new one adds to important features, is it correct?
        • Paul, sorry, only just spotted the firmware question! Its a good question! There is certainly a version of the telemetry code for OpenTx 2.0 (here: ), but I don't think that fully caters for Arducopter 3.3. The voice files for 3.3 for instance seem to be only included in the OpenTX 2.1 version of the code. Not sure if you can use the new voice files with the older 2.0 code. I kinda like the upgrade to OpenTX even though it took a little time to get my head around the new telemetry model. its nice it also lets you upgrade Rx firmware (for X series Rx) using just the Taranis and the Rx (so no PC or fancy USB->TTL adapter required to do this any more). So I think i would recommend the 2.1 upgrade (even if its just to keep up with software fixes/enhancements).

          This MavLink_FrSkySPort repository is discontinued! The development is moved to athertop/MavLink_FrSkySPort. Please do not use this repo, and follow…
        • Paul,

          The voice files I use are specific for OpenTx 2.1, downloaded from the OpenTx website, but there are additional voice files supplied with the Telemetry code, specific to apm 3.3. I have found that once all these are located correctly on the SD card that these work well with the OTx 2.1/APM3.3 combo. I certainly seem to get many more pre-arm messages than I did before 3.3 and these seem accurately played.

          The OpenTx 2.1 sound packs are available here for different radios:

          The Voice files specific to the LUA scripts for the `taranis are available in the downloaded zip from github - for reference you can find the github link here:

          Plus how to locate them on the SD card described in the wiki here:

          You basically want the telemetry sound files located in /SOUNDS/en/TELEM on the SD card, so the TELEM folder keeps them separate from the regular OpenTx files in /SOUNDS/en/

          Be sure that if you have any older version telemetry files from this repository in your /SOUNDS/en folder to remove these in favour of the new ones in the TELEM folder.

          Cheers and Happy New Year, Paul

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