• There a so many variants of this code and no way to know what features each have. It would be good to have a comparison chart/table.

    Do any of the variants have speaking (or text) alerts for pre-arm checks or errors?

  • I tried several versions of this FrSkySPort code.

    Original worked, but I wanted to change to one with custom lua screens.

    I was using Wolke's version for that, but I had some problems.

    Pre-arm failures were not giving me error reports, rather stupidly because I had not copied the sound files over..

    And also I was getting the code thinking I was on a 4s lipo rather than the 3s I use, which was slightly annoying as the sound warnings for that worked.

    I am going to alter the threshold for the highest voltage amounts, atm it calls anything above 12.6v  a 4s, mine fluctuates slightly above that when freshly charged. No one is going to take off with a 4s battery that is less than 13v anyway?

    So I tried using ScottFly's version of the code, looked good with the rotating arrow for direction and heading, as well as a second screen for text logs of errors. But strangely despite the Heading figure remaining constant, the arrow slowly changes direction, so seems like some kind of problem there.

    I read on ScottFlys introduction on rcgroups that his code was compatible with others, so I tried to use it with Wolke's but it does not work.

    For some reason the telemetry scripts conflict with each other, and the second one always gives syntax error , either way around.  I don't think the data is compatible anyway as if I don't use ScottFlys Lua it doesn't update the data.

    I am going back to use Wolke code now, but I am just posting on here to ask if anyone know about this syntax errors?  wolke and scottfly mentioned making code compatible on rcgroups, so should it work?  just me with the problem?

    It would be nice if these codes were compatible with each other as I like elements of all.

    Wolkes radar, Luis Vales where is shows the roll and pitch angles better. And ScottFlys directional arrows are better looking than others? if they worked right

    • Yeah , I had a great flight yesterday also, roll/pitch didn't work either think maybe there is a telemetry setting on the apm but I haven't checked everything yet.

      I flew in total 1.15 miles on the 5.2Ah multistar battery and 1.45 miles on the 3.6Ah std Turnigy lipo battery both same weight.
      Flying a tricopter.
    • Hi thanks again,
      I feel a bit nervous now, I have the lookup array of strings working in my second lua screen showing the last five texts.
      And have been flying!

      Great radar from wolke, can't see it with goggles on but it's good to know it's there if I need it!

      I only had to reduce the array texts by 8 entries which were mostly not relevant.

      Tbh I think it's better to have less important status info as text than spoken as I have other info being spoken from the taranis and it's going to sound very jumbled up if there is too much.

      I guess I was wrong but I had thought a simple array of strings indexed by the text id would be efficient code as opposed to a large switch case block
      I don't see the need for garbage collection in these very small scripts!

      I was going to send you guys my script incase it could be any use to anyone else but guess you don't want it :) !
      • Ok here they are.

        Lua scripts attached.

        You need the first one for the second to be able to work, as it takes data from that.

        I am using Wolkes teensy code.

        The Lua script 1 is a combination of Wolke and Ivales code, getting both on same screen.

        script 2 is just outputs some text messages, it was inspired by Scottfly's script.

        I dunno if I used best practice as I am new to Lua and particularly on Taranis.  All that stuff might be taxing it a bit much, but it seems to work at the moment, although I haven't flown much since the changes as the weather was not good yesterday.



        • So, more tests today.

          All is working, but no roll and pitch (same pb when I use Lvale scripts).

          Thanks !

        • So ok : just put .lua in taranis and power on the copter.

          No pitch and roll (always 0) but all other data OK on screen 1.

          See no messages on screen 2 : but just test one minute, so perhaps no message is normal.

          See more tomorrow.

          Thanks again

        • Thanks !

          I will try it tomorrow.

          Before I had tested Lvales script and I have notice that roll and pitch were not working for me too (all others data were OK). That's why I finally use Wolke (the radar for heading and position is fabulous to help my old eyes when the multi is away !)

          PS : taranis plus


      • Ok so I tried to use Ivales lua scipt and Wolkes at same time.

        But does not work.

        I could be wrong because the Lua scripts don't give much error reporting, but it seems like they only allow a certain number of functions in total. When I start stripping them down, they only start not giving errors when a small amount is left.

        So I decided to combine the scripts into one, Wolkes but with Ivales middle section, as I think that contains the same info as wolke and a bit more. I had to move the Wh gauge slightly to make room, but it fits and appears to work in Companion

        However on the actual taranis the roll and pitch panel does not work. I made a 3rd lua screen to output variables for debugging (actually I copied ScottFlys screen)

        It appears as if Roll , Pitch / A3, A4 are not getting updated at all

        I am using the same teensy code as from Wolke, only I altered the battery voltage thresholds, nothing else.

        Am I supposed to be getting roll and pitch, or do I need to alter a setting somewhere to get those values?

        I have been searching for info on this but have not found so far.

        Note: its only pitch and roll that appear not be be getting data, I get HDOP, Heading, Alt and as far as I can tell, everything else.

        • Whoops, I would delete that previous post if I could.

          Spend ages working on it last night and didn't seem to work, plugged computer into APM today to check roll & pitch in that and it was fine. Checked Taranis again and it was working! huh.

          Guess I was too tired or there is an intermittent fault, at least my code works anyway.

          I will upload files for anyone else when I am back at other computer

This reply was deleted.


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