• I have tried the version  0.5 with my jDrones-IO board v1.1 & D8R-II Plus and it works.

          • hi john

            could you please provide me with some picture (connection) how you connected the board and D8R-II Plus ? i have loaded the jDrones-IO board v1.1 with 0.5 firmware and connected everything as shown, still have nothing displayed on my tel.-mod. 9x (opentx frsky).

            many thanks

            • PM'd you as it is off topic

            • PM'd you as it is off topic.

    • Stephan,

      I don't think this solution works with previous Frsky telemetry receivers. The S-Port is slightly different to the old hub digital protocol. Someone please correct me if I am wrong or have missed something.

  • OK,

    had great probs to start with getting this to display anything.

    Then I bound my X8R in D16 mode, and all worked. I originally bound as D8. May pay to update instructions with this.

    Very cool now. Almost as good as my mates MikroKopter now!!

  • Help needed again...

    APM solid blue and red, X8R solid green, Taranis telemetry screen 1 set, Teensy loaded with Mavlink_FrSkySPort and solid orange, wired per instructions. USB trace cut, analog not connected.

    Results: all zeros on telemetry screen.

    Scope shows this on SPort signal line at 2 VDC per div.:


    Question 1: Where do I start trouble shooting?  

    Question 2: Teensy blinks 3 times at startup then goes solid orange. Is this normal?  If not, what is?

    Question 3: Three other tabs open with Mavlink_FrSkySPort.  They are 'average', 'FrSkyPort.h' and 'FrSkySPort'.  How are        these to be used?

    Any and all help would be appreciated!

    scope shot of SPort.jpg

    • DUMB ME! I had the teensy plugged into the S-BUS and it should be connected to the SMART-PORT on the 8XR receiver.  Most things working now, but no GPS data yet.

      My thanks to Rolf and all those who offered help.

      • Damn - I forgot that one

        Run the check list again and re-load the Teensie.

        There is something in this thread about no GPS display - possibly re-flashing the Taranis?

    • Have you set up the Taranis to receive basic telemetry? That is, do you have a reading for A1 approximately 5 volts. This would confirm the basic telemetry without Teensie. (The X8R internal voltage divider for A1 is 4:1 so your range needs to be set to about 13.2 volts.)

      Have you bound the X8R in D16 mode? I had a similar issue when in D8 mode. Download the X8R manual from FrSky if you don't already have it as a reference.

      Have you connected Teensie TX and RX lines around the correct way? The Teensie blinks about 1 per second when first connected and then is either rapid flashing or solid when data is received. Swapped TX and RX will result in 1 per second with no solid or rapid flashing. You need the TX line to trigger the APM output unless you also have the 3DR telemetry system running in which case just the RX and ground are required.

      Set up you Taranis telemetry pages as per the 2nd or 3rd page of this thread.

      I made all the above errors but it's working now.
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