• Yes, but you have to remove the TX connection coming from the minimOSD.

  • Rolf, could you also add a failsafe message to be sent as a code to taranis: i.e. GPS failsafe 1, fence failsafe 2, battery failsafe 3. 

    also useful but not critical: cpu load, baro health, gps health

    p.s.  just learned that teensy 3.1 has hardware DAC, so it is possible to skip those FSK modems, it will be needed to use 3.1 as  a ghettostation controller on the ground though. even though not suitable for complex auto missions LTM might prove very useful for FPV flights where bidirectional link is not necessary. so anyone could build an open source antenna tracker  which also works with APM and doe not require a PC to run it!  all with 2 x teensy 3.1 boards. most importantly it would be easily expandable. 

    • There is a limitation of channels on the telemetry.  You can select the data to be sent to the Taranis on each channel by editing the code, but not all channels are interpreting the data as a straight number, so this will also impact what can be sent.

      • Hi Rolf, I´m new here and I have a problem with the combination Taranis/APM 2.5/Teensy 3.1 and the FrSky Sensor FCS-40A. In the display from the Taranis I see everythink like Alt or GAlt, Hdg or VSpd.

        The only problem are the dates from the FCS-40A like Volt or Ampere, these dates comes not clear since installing the teensy. The dates are springing from zero to the wright measur.

        Do you know what is the reasing????

        • The Taranis sees  both the FCS-40 and the APM sending data for current and voltage,

          In the code for the Teensy3.1 you have to remove  the sending of this data ( current and voltage).

          You can try the attached file.


          • Rolf, when I try to compile, I get the follwing mistake:

            MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino:47:25: fatal error: GCS_MAVLink.h: No such file or directory
            compilation terminated.

            Can you help me?

  • One more question:
    If the message is not received, whatever the reason.  Shall the message repeated?


    • The message is only sent the first time a battery failsafe triggers.

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