• No, 218 is fine. The 217 in the file name is simply because OpenTx changed some of the LUA number formatting from version 217
                • Ok thanks,

                  The funny thing is that on my work windows computer i cant find any program which will open and play the wav files, including VLC and quicktime.

                  I thought they worked last night on my macbook at home.

          • Paul, I also use this code with the latest Ardupilot Plane firmware. I found an issue with the current Clooney82 teensy code with the latest plane firmware - it specifically affects the altitude reading (the way it works in 3.4+ is different), so I have rectified this in a new teensy code version which I am presently testing. I don't yet have it on github but I can send you the hex file here if you want to give it a go. The attached hex should be written to the Teensy using the Teensy Loader app - hex file attached.  I have also created a modified plane217.lua file which reorganises some of the fields in order to fit in a new ASpd (air speed) value. This is also attached. If you have an airspeed sensor on your plane it will display this value, if not then it displays calculated/estimated airspeed (basically what Mission planner displays for AirSpeed).

            I will get round to merging these with the master code after my holiday (couple of weeks), but feel free to give these a try just now if you like. They certainly work fine for me.

            Cheers, Paul



  • Hi All,  PixHawk Copt 3.3.3 and latest OpenTX loaded on X9D+ using X8R rx refers -

    I am sure this is 'basic' Telem application, however, my first time attempting Telemetry features on  Taranis.

    I would like to receive and display the craft's batt voltage (6S) via the X8R telemetry on my X9D+

     Is there a 'quick' guide on how to implement this instead of browsing through all the topic's pages?

      I have  a Teensy (V3.2) module, do I need to use this module for what I would like to implement?

     This is the Teensy which I have from SparkFun Digi-Key

    Thank you for the your feedback.



    • You don't even need the Teensy to be able to do the battery voltage telemetry. I would strongly suggest you purchase a frsky FLVSS - LiPo battery monitor sensor. Even with the Teensy I use this to monitor cell voltages. It's a plug and play device. Plug into smartport of x8r and your LiPo balance connector to the other end. Then on your models telemetry screen do a 'discover sensors' to get the new values to appear. Then you can setup calculated sensors for individual call voltages (all 6 if you want) or just a sensor to report the lowest cell voltage. Once sensors are configured, you can add them to a telemetry screen.
      • Thanks Paul for point to me re the FrSky Lipo unit

         I understand that PnP of the SmartPort unit and ease of implementation.

        I am going to purchase the FrSky BattM unit, but it takes 3-6 weeks-forever... to land, locally. :(

         ITMT, I would have like to take advantage of the Teensy connected to the FC to

        obtain further Flight Parameters since I have the Teensy unit.

          Is see that you have implemented the BattV with Cell / Cells.

         Can you direct me towards how to implement it on the Teensy?

         I would like to experiment in the meantime with the Teensy.


  • Hi guys, GREAT project!

    I've created my own board for ULRS using the RFM23BP module and a 328P, I'm using it in a 2.4 -> 433 repeater with my X9E (so it's setup like this: taranis --[2.4]--> X4R --[ppm]-->ULRS input. MAV telemetry comes out of the serial port on my ULRS board and is sent to Taranis with this converter running on a Oshpark teensy 3.2.

    Everything works great as-is but the RSSI displayed on the taranis is useless (it's just the rssi of the x4r receiver which I'm standing <10m away from at all times).

    What I'd like to do is somehow get the RSSI signal from the ULRS to override the FrSky RSSI displayed, I see two ways to go about this (tho I'm not able to do the work of either so I'm hoping to find a ready to download solution)...


    1. Wire the ULRS ground sides RSSI output to the teensy3.2 on a [random unused] input pin and have it send that with a different sensor id then in companion set the displayed RSSI to that sensor instead of F101 (stock RSSI id)

    2.No extra wiring, just set the RX RSSI pulled from the MAV stream by teensy3.2 to a different sensor id then follow the same steps as above to set taranis to display that id in place of the stock RSSI id.

    I would be happier (more trusting of) the first method but I'd be happy with either that's already been done as it's simply above my pay grade.

    Thanks much and happy flying!

    • Both ideas sound feasible, but both require arduino coding. I personally prefer option 1. Its not already been done in the current teensy code sorry! But feel free to have a go - create a fork of the clooney82 repository and edit your own copy, test and submit your changes as a pull request. We can then check it out and if it seems OK, merge it into master. I must say though github can be a bit challenging at first!

      Since Artem's mention of ULRS above, I have been looking at this product with keen interest. I might give ULRS a go. Not sure what hardware to go for yet, but I like your idea of the 2.4->ULRS repeater. I guess you could use a yagi on the ULRS and have your RC repeater station physically separated from your video ground station by a good few metres. You could also do a similar repeater option for the FPV video Rx ground station with say a 1.2GHz air system and the 1.2GHz VRx connected to a 25mW 5.8GHz VTx so you can use your regular 5.8GHz goggles/FPV display/recorder etc. ooh, you have given me inspiration!! Thanks!

  • Good afternoon. Can I connect this sensor in parallel, to see the data on the remote and radio telemetry? Or, only one can be connected? Apm connector on the one.

    • Yes it can be connected to the same Telem port as the 3dr radio. Just make sure you only connect the Tx line from the telem port to the Teensy (not the Rx). This means your 3dr radio will connect to both Tx and Rx on the telem port and will be the only device talking to the flight controller, whilst the Teensy will only receive info from the Tx line of the flight controller without talking back to the FC. Hopefully that answers your question.

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