I was just looking around for 868 MHz 500mW radios when I stumbled upon this radio --> http://www.radiocontrolli.com/en/products/transceivers-module/modul...

As it is Si1000 based then the SiK firmware should run on it as well. It would be a great alternative for European guys looking for longer range while still taking advantage of the SiK firmware. It uses the RFX1010 amplifier.

What do you think, would these modules work as a drop in replacement to 3DR radios?

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I dont know about that one but have you seen this?
Its 100mW and not 500mW as your link but still seems to be a nice product for Europe.

Yes, I am aware of the jDrones radio.

I like having an amplifier for two reasons:

1. Increased receiver sensitivity.

2. Increased transmitter power output.

What antennas are you using and from where ? The stock rubber duckies are really sub standard.

I've made the antennas myself. There's no rocket science to dipole antennas. Here's the guide I followed --> http://webx.dk/rc/uhf-link3/mcx-antenna.htm

I'm using the same dipole on both radios. Half wave dipole are of course much longer than the coiled amtennas 3DR supplies.

Hi All,

The RadioControlli transceiver module :


The main features of this device are :

- Power Output 27dBm (500mW)

- Integrated Microcontroller (8051 core)

- Low Power Technology

With this characteristics is possible to use in Europe market because the product is in according with the CEPT/ERC 70-03 ; see the following link : http://www.radiocontrolli.com/en/applications/cept-erc-70-4-regulat....

In the frequency band 869.4 - 869.65 MHz  is possible to transmit up to 500mW of RF Power.

Are these modules compatible with the 3DR (HM-TRP) radio modules hadware wise?

If they are then it would be possible to use 3DR radio firmware on them.

Hi Martin,

about the hardware compatibility is necessary to verify the electrical schematics about the HM-TRP .

Do you have the possibility to find it ?   this we need to understand what pin to use about the RadioControlli transceiver RCS1KPA-868.

About the software, what kind of programs you can put ?  and how with the emulator ?


Hi Antonio,

Here's the HM-TRP datasheet --> http://www.hoperf.com/upload/rf_app/HM-TRP.pdf

It doesn't say much about the design, but it's using the Si1000 SoC.

The 3DR radios in turn use the HM-TRP modules in their design.

3DR radio firmware repository is located here --> https://github.com/tridge/SiK

I think that most the necessary information can be found from the firmware repository.


Thank for the informations,

I'm procuring some pieces of the  HM-TRP, and I want to check the electrical compatibility I'll let you know (within 2/3 days) if is possible use RCS1KPA-868 (RadioControlli)  and how to use it.

That's great! I'm looking forward to that.

RFD900 work great. Maybe not for Europe but for many this dude kicks some butt. 3DR airborne and RFD900 ground, >4 miles with >60% good data packets.

I built myself boards for DNT900. Very nice radios with power upto 1W and have AES encryption as well.


My board has:

-Input voltage range of 2S-6S (with switching mode power supply)

-3.3/5V UART (configurable)

-FTDI chip for USB

-The board switches between the two automatically

-Onboard RPSMA connector so that the DNT900 U.FL connector doesn't get ripped off in case of a crash.

RFM provides two firmware versions, i think one should be compatible with European regulations (860Mhz range). 

Note that the module on top doesn't have all the components (didn't have enough components for two boards at the time the picture was taken, a few months ago).

If there is enough interest, i could do a small run of boards to get the cost down (with Surface mount components, ofcourse).


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