An Important Restriction?

I was walking through downtown yesterday, in a crowded downtown "promenade". A downtown area of about 4 sque blocks in a big city where the streets are closed to vehicular traffic.

All of a sudden I came up on a crowd. In the middle of the crowd was what looked to be a DJI Naza 550, one pilot with FPV (LCD screen attached to his Tx) and one camera-man ready to shoot. No crowd control,  people all over the place, tall trees, and buildings all around.

The first thing I said (to myself) I can't do that! Well of course it's nuts, and the pilot shouldn't be doing it, far, far to risky. BUT there are similar circumstances where one may need to do something technically similar. Similar conditions exist in mountainous or heavily wooded areas.

Now perhaps I can't fly without an HDOP greater than 2 even in stabilize mode because my unit won't arm and I don't know how to enable it. I know, I can set the HDOP limit to a greater number, and then I can get past the arming, and fly in stabilize, but I also put my auto-flight modes at risk, especially if I'm in an area where my ground condition has a HDOP of 6 or 8.

I would like to be able to fly in stabilize, irregardless of the HDOP, and once I get above the "fray", and it zooms in, continue with auto modes.

Is there something I don't know about the settings? If not, can we discuss pro's con's and limitations?

Without a doubt, one should not be flying in crowded city street, even with a spotter, I suppose it could be a requirement in promotional cases where there is guaranteed crowd control.

But there are many cases where take-off in Stab with high HDOP is neccesary.

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