Hi Guys -

Just thought I'd post this here since it uses an ArduIMU module as its brain.

This is just a standard balancing robot, using a kalman filter on the y axis to calculate absolute angle and then just a simple PID controller to send values to a Pololu Qik serial motor controller.

I am trying to make it more stable, etc. and am considering possible adding rotary encoders to the motor shafts for closed-loop control.

The main purpose of this project is to increase my knowledge of angle estimation and PID tuning so that I can implement auto-leveling on a quadrocopter. This balancing robot platform is much easier to test than a flying platform.

I have a better quality video that I will try to post soon. If anyone has any interest in better pictures or code, let me know.


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Very nice! Please post code when you can.
Nice! The response is quite good for PID control.
Have you thought about giving it the ability to move laterally?
Thanks - Will Do.
If you have any suggestions for making it better, let me know!

Yes - once I get the stabilization working to my satisfaction (currently the bot doesn't handle hard surfaces very well) I plan to make the robot remote control, and eventually autonomous.
Have you looked into LQR-based control? I worked on inverted pendulum balancing as part of my undergrad controls courses and it was a lot of fun. We did PID loops (didn't work as well as yours) and LQR. The LQR contoller was much better than the PID.
Thanks for the reply. I am not very familiar with LQR - any good resources?
I would start here and then do more google searches. PM me if you need more info.
Thanks, but that is the page i immediately went to after Googling LQR. Honestly, most of that is greek to me! Is there any existing implementation of LQR or at least an article explaining it with regard to robotics or motion control?

very very nice
Nice balance Jamie :) , is it a kit hardware available some were ? I can think of one other usage ' self balancing ladder "

You've got me thinking about writing a tutorial on LQR. Stay tuned.

Tom -

That would be awesome! I can't find such a tutorial anywhere!


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