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Jamie Ahmed commented on Chris Anderson's blog post PX4 on a Flamewheel frame
"Does it feel more locked in than Arducopter on an APM2.5? Just curious as to how it "feels". I bought a Naza and thew it on yesterday and am very impressed with its nice, smooth feel. Even moving the cyclic sticks to the extremes and then releasing…"
Oct 31, 2012
Jamie Ahmed replied to Jamie Ahmed's discussion ArduCam / MinimOSD distorting on screen
"Any help, please?"
Oct 26, 2012
Jamie Ahmed commented on vis.asta's blog post quadrocopter ultra-long flight (141min)
"Did anyone ever get the facts on this?"
Oct 25, 2012
Jamie Ahmed posted a discussion
Hi all -I recently got into FPV, and since I use APM 2.5 my thought was to go with a MinimOSD since it efficiently gets its sensor data directly from the APM!Well, I am having some trouble with it. Here are my FPV specs:-ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8Ghz Tx…
Oct 25, 2012
Jamie Ahmed replied to Garrick Merrill's discussion Unintended orientation change in flight
"I just posted about a similar issue. However mine consists of the copter spinning uncontrollably in the air for several seconds, before stabilizing again. However, now that you mention it, I also have the issue of yaw drifting. I did not have this…"
Oct 24, 2012
Jamie Ahmed posted a discussion
Hello -I have been getting into FPV lately, so my need for reliable flight has increased exponentially!Anyway, I just recently upgraded from an APM 1.4 + oilpan to an APM 2.5. Rest of specs:KDA20-22L motorsTurnigy Plush 18A ESCs w/ SimonK…
Oct 24, 2012
Jamie Ahmed replied to Jamie Ahmed's discussion Best way to level arducopter?
"I was hoping to get more from this... Anyone?"
Oct 17, 2012
Jamie Ahmed posted a discussion
Hi all -Can you please share your methods of leveling your multicopter? I know of the current available methods:-Place on level surface and calibrate-Auto-level mode (hold arm for 20 sec)-Automatic level (Channel 7 switch)I have tried all of these,…
Oct 16, 2012
Jamie Ahmed posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hello -Has anyone successfully implemented battery monitoring on an APM2/2.5 without the Attopilot sensor? My main reasons are for weight and simplicity, as I am currently using my APM2.5 on a micro-sized quadcopter.Any help is…
Oct 14, 2012
Jamie Ahmed posted a blog post
I've been thinking a lot lately about how cool it would be to implement inertial dead reckoning on ArduCopter for a gps-free loiter mode of sorts. I just wanted to get some discussion going from people who have studied this or have tried…
Oct 14, 2012
Jamie Ahmed commented on Gerard Toonstra's blog post Arducopter code mods
"This sounds very interesting. However, how are you going to accurately track velocity? I'm thinking you need an optical flow sensor or something? If we could accurately track movement by integrating velocity then a very solid position hold w/o GPS…"
Jun 27, 2011
Jamie Ahmed replied to Hai Tran's discussion My New HexaCopter Frame
"Where did you get that frame?"
Jun 22, 2011
Jamie Ahmed posted a discussion
Hello - I have the attopilot current/voltage sensor connected to AN0 and AN1, as per the arducopter2 wiki. I have also enabled battery mode "4" in the CLI mode. However, when read the voltage, it is showing around 3 volts. I am aware that the…
Jun 21, 2011
Jamie Ahmed replied to Gerard's discussion APM Barometer Accuracy
"I just recently got my APM soldered up and loaded the latest AC2 code. When I go into the test menu and type "altitude" my readings are ALL OVER the place. Is there something wrong with my board?"
Jun 20, 2011
Jamie Ahmed posted a discussion
Hi guys -Today Newegg is selling refurbished Haier 7" portable TVs (w/ aux. input) for only $24.99!!! Unbeatable!!!http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16889263090&...
Jun 16, 2011
Jamie Ahmed commented on Earl's blog post The perfect anti-vibration foam
"I have used these with some success as well: http://www.nghobbies.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&..."
Oct 5, 2010