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  • Peter would like to know how you achieved your 50 min Flight time...
  • It looks interesting, I am skeptical. I think its unfortunate he does not wish to share his findings, its not the DIYDRONES way. So I too wonder why did you even bother posting, I have done Quad flights of 50 minutes on standard lipos. Happy to share it, I hope he will share what he did. Otherwise he is simply patting himself on the back in a post which is Lame at best.
  • @Flying Monkey - yup, i completely agree with you and i actually used exactly the same arguments.. unlucky :)

  • I personally have never thought of his flights as a hoax.  But, they're slightly invalidated by the fact that he won't share how he did it.  If a laboratory claimed to come up with a cure for a disease but weren't willing to share how nobody would care... an independant lab (or several) would have to repeat the results using the same methods for it to be validated.


    Now, if he does have a business reason to keep the specifics confidential or proprietary than that's fine.  But he came on Diydrones to share his record...  Diydrone's forum is meant as a place for people to come together on projects, share their results, share their discoveries and help others achieve the same.  He's not willing to share...

  • as proof: - first RAW file from my sony cx700e (~2gb)

    All files of this flight: ~ 24Gb :)

  • i don't think this is fake for couple of reasons

    - you can see from other videos, that vis.asta was constantly improving flight times. he's not coming out of nowhere and making a record-flight, he's been working on it for months

    - sure thing this is extreme example - this quad is not optimal for flying in wind and in general i doubt it has good flying characteristics. but then again, it's only purpose is to prove that impossible is possible

    - big props/slow motors + dropping used batteris would be impossible without flight controller, which is built by autor of the video

    i agree that non-disclosure of details is somewhat "suspicious", but on other hand, not everyone has the same mindset as "average hobbyist". to some extent - my personal opinion - vis.asta keeps this achievement as his "know-how", would it be financial or other reasons. this is his right. exactly as it is your right to believe this is hoax or try and beat him :)

    slight offtopic, but maybe you'll see some links. you've probably heard about math genius perelman refusing 1m$ prize? read here this was also not normal, right? which doesn't mean it didn't happen.. not everyone acts on the same motives average person does, that's my point..

    p.s. and i was talking to viktor - that's his real name - in person and i really don't think he's lying or faking any of those videos.. still, i'm not asking you to trust me :) that's your choice :) but i'm sure, that even if you say "it's a fake" you still will have little worm of doubt inside you, wont you? "what if it is not fake?? how the hell did he do that???" and i think this is great - it stimulates :)

  • Did anyone ever get the facts on this?

  • So maybe its just the 12min video of the flight at x5 playback speed is actualy only x2 and the clock is fake, which is easyer to fake !

  • iT´s MAGiC.

    MAGiCos never tell the trick.

  • Jani.. whats the flight time of those.. based on battery size it seems like quite a long time when only running 8.9 amps

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