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Web Developer Hanggliding Pilot RC (past and now again)

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I like everything that flies including RC stuff. Now technology allows everyone to build UAV's, I just have to make one. In the end I want to use it to make aerial video's or photographs.



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Gerard replied to Gerard's discussion Ardupilot Mega - 2011 Can I still use it?
"Thanks for the help Graham, below is the photo of my APM."
Aug 27, 2015
Gerard replied to Gerard's discussion Ardupilot Mega - 2011 Can I still use it?
"Graham, thanks for your response. Too bad the newest firmware can't run on it, but a lot changes in four years so I was kind of expecting it. Will post a photo when I get home.
Is it advisable to upgrade? Does the new hardware significally improve…"
Aug 27, 2015
Gerard posted a discussion
Hi guys,It's been a few years but now I want to get into aerial photography again. In 2011 I bought all the gear, including a ArduPilot Mega. The exact type is:ArduPilot Mega - Arduino Compatible UAV Controller w/ ATMega2560Can I still run the…
Aug 27, 2015
Gerard posted a discussion
 I noticed my copter tilting backwards, while it's leveled correcty. So it needs correcting all the time while flying. But now I have an idea what's causing the problem. The ESC that's controlling the motor on the back is getting more hot than the…
Sep 25, 2011
Gerard commented on Gerard's blog post Knew it would happen someday... Crashed!
"Thanks for all the help! 
@John Arne Birkeland I'm using the 10x4.5 props, and 880kv motors. So I think that's fine?
@Don Cramer Thanks, seems like that's the problem. I just didn't think of that. I'll try to alter the rating a bit. 
Sep 12, 2011
Gerard posted a blog post
Okay after getting my Quad up a week ago, without any problems, I awaited better weather for some outdoor flying.I know it's part of the game, to crash... This time I hold myself responsible, altough I did not tilt the craft before the crash, as far…
Sep 11, 2011
Gerard commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New ArduPlane and ArduCopter code, Git and more!
"That's really great! Exactly a week ago my Quad was airborne for the first time. This weekend I'm going to try the Auto / Hold modes. Awaited the arducopter 2.0.40 firmware =)"
Sep 9, 2011
Gerard posted a discussion
 First of all, I got my quad flying without any problems. And man... I'm so excited, this is the base for my AP platform. But during the last flights I noticed two seperate wobbles during a 10 min flight. It seems to start with one engine and then…
Sep 5, 2011
Gerard commented on Gordon's blog post Mode Switch Setup for Turnigy 9x
"Thanks, works great!"
Sep 3, 2011
Gerard replied to Gerard's discussion APM Barometer Accuracy
"Thanks for the replies guys, think I'll order a sonar soon =)"
Jun 17, 2011
Gerard posted a discussion
 Hi, I'm just playin with my assembled APM+Shield and noticed when I'n in CLI and run the altitude test command, the altitude varies around 50 to 60cm in a few seconds (while it is laying in my room in dead air). Is that the Baro accuracy? If so,…
Jun 16, 2011
Gerard posted a discussion
Hi all! Because I live in Europe and want easy access to the frame materials, I ordered the frame parts from Ponoko (all Acryllic), got the nylon hardware from a dutch dealer. It was easier and cheaper to buy a complete frame, but now I know where…
Jun 14, 2011
Gerard replied to Gerard's discussion Magnometer, no output.
"Thanks, I just read something about it. Compass outputs values. But the strange thing is that yesterday when the Mag was not yet added to the board, it also was able to show the heading in the mission planner. How is that possible?"
Jun 8, 2011
Gerard posted a discussion
This evening I soldered my Magnometer to the board and re-uploaded the firmware to the board. Then I went throught the setup. But it seems the MAg is not outputting any values. Only read I can get is Compass----------------------------enabledMag…
Jun 8, 2011
Gerard replied to Gerard's discussion It's alive!
"I guess it's normal the ardupilot is not outputting any Roll, Pitch, Yaw or Throttle values?"
Jun 7, 2011
Gerard posted a discussion
 7-6-2011 Today I received my package and tackled the most challenging part of my Quad building process. Soldering the APM and shield. I soldered a few connections a few years ago but that's it. But it went very well and I got my board up and…
Jun 7, 2011