Best way to level arducopter?

Hi all -

Can you please share your methods of leveling your multicopter? I know of the current available methods:

-Place on level surface and calibrate

-Auto-level mode (hold arm for 20 sec)

-Automatic level (Channel 7 switch)

I have tried all of these, but still can't manage to get an acceptable level position. Granted, for the "setting on level surface" I haven't gone to much extent to get it perfect, but the other options are not quite cutting it for me.

I think it would be awesome to have functionality like the trims available on RC radios. I can get my copter pretty trimmed out using that method, but I don't like the idea that the APM doesn't know the true level.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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  • I use sawhorses and sit one arm on each horse. I use a carpenter's level across the tips of the prop retainers to check level left to right and fore to aft. I use thin shims to adjust everything until level and do afinal check across the diagonals. When all is as level as I can make it, I use the Mission Planner's Arducopter Level function. If I get unacceptable levels of wander when flying, I will use the auto-trim funciton on hannel 7 to get it dialed in better.

  • I was hoping to get more from this... Anyone?

  • Just use the trim on your radio, though if those other methods are not working there's probably a deeper issue with the copter.

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