The perfect anti-vibration foam


I found the PERFECT foam for the gyros and mags for anti-vibration on the AreoCopter
You all have heard and seen the commercial for Tempurpedic mattress
where the girl jumps on one end and the glass of wine on the other end
that doesn't spill ?
Look them up on the internet and request a free sample. Perfect size and
it REALLY kills the vibration, especially on ArduCopter.
Put this stuff in the Professional housing box under and around the mega and you will be all set.

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  • I have used these with some success as well:
  • Kris,

    Do mean you use Velcro instead of any padding? Or do you use padding and Velcro straps to hold the unit down?
  • Velcro did not work for my quad..
  • T3
    Surprisingly Velcro straps are not bad for the application.
  • Sorbothane under high temp turns to jelly. Same with viscoelastic foam but not as bad. The memory foam does not soak up moisture as one would think of typical foam padding. There is a wax designed to melt at body temperature in the foam mixture. This is partially why it conforms to your body so well. If your memory foam padding is more than .50" thick it will allow too much compression room letting the IMU settle in a non level state. We use .33" slices for our IMU's after many tests.

    This stuff is awesome if anybody is looking for adhesive vibration tape. I use it to mount my APM.
  • Edmunds Scientific's sells 1/8 x 12 x 12 Sorbothane sheets for $19.95

    Remember: A bad design can actually make things worse for vibration damping.
  • "There is a product called sorbothane"

    Funny you should mention it. I was just reading about sorbothane.
  • I would suggest a bigger problem than static might be retention of moisture in the foam causing corrosion of components and connections on boards in contact or near the foam. Also, foam makes a great insulator so heat build-up could be an issue in warmer weather if components are surrounded by foam.

    There is a product called sorbothane, a foamlike rubber product, I think that could be used to make vibration mounts. Also there are dandy vibration isolators in different sizes used to mount hard drives and other components in computers.
  • Developer
    @phill - i think you're right. APM outputs 5v so probably need one of these level converters:

    @Earl - the foam is a bit thick. I wonder if they have it in thinner strips. For the traditional heli we need about 1cm ~1.2cm thickness. PM me if you know of a good source and we will add it to the parts list.

    vibration is a super big deal (although the current OilPan gyros are a lot beter than others I've seen).

    Any idea if magnetometers are actually affected by vibration? I don't see why they would be actually.

    One last thing - the latest arduCopter code allows you to set the magnetometer orientation. The above shown orientation would require a change to one line of code as mentioned on the wiki. Look for "setOrientation" here.
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