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I'm going to build a quadrotor. Super fun.

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Dean Lamborn commented on Dimitar Kolev's blog post Sparkfun hacking challenge: turn a laser tape measure into Lidar
"Or you could just buy one with RS232 output. Ok, it is $539.
Optilogic Laser Range Finder with RS232"
Nov 15, 2011
Dean Lamborn replied to William Bishop's discussion Heavy Lift Quad
"As long as you are using a standard ESC it doesn't matter what the size of the vehicle might be.
The reaction to inputs is a function of the PID tuning. Fast response is a function of how much power you have in reserve. If you are committing most of…"
Mar 10, 2011
Dean Lamborn commented on Duane Brocious's blog post Community Based Organization Standards
"That's right, your GOD given rights trump the safety of thousands of people.
In 1988 an 8 year old girl was exercising her right to fly a kite at a local park in Palo Alto. It was in the landing path of the airport. It was also a 12 foot kite with…"
Mar 7, 2011
Dean Lamborn commented on Ramon L's blog post New Lithium Titanate Batteries the perfection of Li-po
""A lithium-titanate battery is a modified lithium-ion battery that uses lithium-titanate nanocrystals on the surface of its anode instead of carbon. This gives the anode a surface area of about 100 square meters per gram, compared with 3 square…"
Feb 24, 2011
Dean Lamborn commented on Dean Lamborn's blog post It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Drone!!
"Hmm . . . The micro turbine in a hummingbird. Don't ya think the sound might give it away? :)"
Feb 18, 2011
Dean Lamborn posted a blog post
 It's a Nano Hummingbird!Nano HummingbirdLos Angles Times StoryAerovironment has been working on this since 2006. Under a $4 million contract from Darpa they have a hummingbird drone that weighs 19 grams, flies 11 mph, can hover, fly forwards,…
Feb 17, 2011
Dean Lamborn commented on Chris Anderson's blog post The paradox of DIY electronics warranties
"Electronic retailers have the same problem. They sell established, finished, tested consumer goods. TV's, computers, phones, you name it. And they still get returns from people that just didn't read the manual. That's not to say there aren't…"
Feb 6, 2011
Dean Lamborn commented on Duane Brocious's blog post New AMA Documents shed light on NPRM
"I would guess that most of the people that bought an RC have no idea what the rules are. Most take them to a park and have a nice day at low speed and altitude.
The 1 percenters are just like the motorcycle equivalent. They don't care about the…"
Feb 6, 2011
Dean Lamborn commented on James Cann's blog post If at first Quad didn't succeed, TRI TRI again
"Cool toy.
The closer everything is to the center of mass the easier it is to turn. You are trying to pivot a lot of mass with the ducted fans alone. I would move the boards, the ESC's and the battery to the center.
You are pushing a huge amount…"
Jan 24, 2011
Dean Lamborn replied to majorpr13's discussion What to change in code to use LEDs?
". . . have working LED output.

Well, sort of. The only thing I see in the code turns on OUT7 when the motors are armed.
//#define IsAM        // Do we have motormount LED's. AM = Atraction Mode
if (motorArmed == 1) {   #ifdef IsAM   …"
Dec 22, 2010
Dean Lamborn commented on Paul Marsh's blog post Smithsonian Acquires Model Airplane
"Less than ten years ago this flight makes you realize how far we have come. Now you can buy the electronics here ready to fly. If you feel like flying across the Atlantic, you might want to read this first.
The story of the Atlantic flight"
Dec 21, 2010
Dean Lamborn commented on Duane Brocious's blog post JPO Hosts AMA Webinar on FAA Rulemaking
"Having a law and enforcing it are two different things. CB radios ALL were required to have a license and pay a fee in the 1970's. Nobody did. Ham radio requires a license. Not enforced.
The FAA isn't going to roll over for the AMA. The priority…"
Dec 20, 2010
Dean Lamborn commented on RAERrobots's blog post Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University IARC Quadrotor
"I think you can interpret the frame material "Fused Deposition Modeling" as "Unobtainium"."
Dec 14, 2010
Dean Lamborn replied to Faik Kaya's discussion Power Feedback & Power Distribution
"The mass and center of gravity of the system do not change and that is the largest factor in the PID settings. If you were burning off fuel and the fuel tank was not near the center of gravity you could change PID settings.

The PID error system…"
Dec 7, 2010
Dean Lamborn commented on Chris Anderson's blog post What's Crosstrack Error? Check out this cool interactive Flash demo
"Nice demo.

This link and the link to the description will help you if you don't understand cross track and how to correct it.
Cross Track Explained"
Dec 7, 2010
Dean Lamborn replied to Dean Lamborn's discussion ArduCopter Manual
""If you're on a tight deadline, this not the project for you! It's in development and probably will not be in full feature release for a month or more. It's in beta now."

If you go to the store it doesn't say that. I don't think it says beta…"
Dec 6, 2010