• . . . have working LED output.

    Well, sort of. The only thing I see in the code turns on OUT7 when the motors are armed.

    //#define IsAM        // Do we have motormount LED's. AM = Atraction Mode

    if (motorArmed == 1) {   
    #ifdef IsAM
        digitalWrite(FR_LED, HIGH);    // AM-Mode


    #define FR_LED 3  // Mega PE4 pin, OUT7
    #define RE_LED 2  // Mega PE5 pin, OUT6
    #define RI_LED 7  // Mega PH4 pin, OUT5
    #define LE_LED 8  // Mega PH5 pin, OUT4


    But that is the key. If you use digitalWrite with any one of the four defined outputs you can turn those outputs on/off.


    Note: The Eagle schematic for the APM shows PE4 on pin 2, not 3, PE5 on pin 3, not 2.

  • Developer
    Just looked latest code and it seems that there are OUT4-7 already defined as default output ports. So just activate #define IsAM from ArducopterNG.pde and you will have working LED output.
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