It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Drone!!



It's a Nano Hummingbird!

Nano Hummingbird

Los Angles Times Story

Aerovironment has been working on this since 2006. Under a $4 million contract from Darpa they have a hummingbird drone that weighs 19 grams, flies 11 mph, can hover, fly forwards, backwards or sideways, turn clockwise and counterclockwise and flight time is 8 minutes.


19 grams! Battery, motors, communications, video camera, and hummingbird paint scheme. That's less than 4 nickels in weight.


The pentagon mileposts for this project include hovering in a 5 mph wind, fly indoors and back out through a normal size doorway.

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  • Quite alot of funding for a robot with 0 guns!
  • An urban spy? 'cause nobody is going to notice a hummingbird in a city? They'll either take photos of it, try and catch it or shoot it. They should have made a spy pidgeon, even better a rat. Easier to do and wouldn't be noticed.

    Did they really think this through before spending our tax dollars?

  • Saw this report on this project here as well today -

    U.S. military’s newest urban spy 

  • What is siposed to be the military use of these, blow up enemy bird feeders with a firecracker?
  • hmm a humingbird drone looks pretty good but 8 minutes of flight time is a little low

    need that revolutionary battery tech maybe those solar cells or stick a wind turbine to it

    @Paul Marsh

    I need one of those

    then all it needs is kevlar and some stinger missles then we can sell them to the goverment for millions haha

  • Quoting my source

    The theoretical specific energy (of a LiO2 battery) excluding oxygen is 11140 Wh/kg, or 40.1 megajoules per kilogram. Compare this to the figure of 44 megajoules per kilogram for gasoline (see petrol energy content)

    And paraphrasing from Hollywood we may not need no stinking engines

  • why no solar panels?.... they could esialy increase the flight time....... or dosent that goverment grade stuff just come in a black maybe you could get ahold of those printable solar cells......
  • Hmm . . . The micro turbine in a hummingbird. Don't ya think the sound might give it away? :)
  • @Jared S -- Here is "bird"...



  • T3
    One of these days someone is going to invent something called "bird". It is able to find and consume readily available fuel from the environment, processing the fuel to create energy using onboard processing systems. It knows it has limited life but it has the ability replicate itself with the help of another, nearly identical "bird". The "bird" is made up of highly specialized materials to be light weight and strong.
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