Sacramento, CA

About Me:

im a 25 year old neo-space engineer...... thats about to build a coathanger and cardboard uav with a tshirt and spray paint "canvas gloss" surface. the engines will be some old rc motors and a special slot for my andriod so i can video chat...."piloit" this bezy on my big screen. with a large enough antenna and a remote controler i plug into the wall..... stand back and watch out.... visit my expo just google... steelmoon enterprise

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

like i said b4 i need a zero cost project that will give me air acesse. with the main fram made of coat hangers and cardboard, and using lithium ion batterys from cell phones and dont forget the solor panels fron the yard lights.... oh ya... all that with a droid and the wheres my friend app rolling... if it ever goes down.... well ill just go git it.....


Rio Linda