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Civil air patrol Red cross C.E.R.T (Community Emergency Response Team) I like taking electronic things apart

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UAVs , drones , things that drive themselves


San Angelo

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Albert Augustine commented on Michael Smith's blog post Drone hater or exhaust spewer?
"I am particularly interested in number nine.
Citizen search and rescue. This is one area where serious potential exists. If somebody gets lost in the backwoods, a swarm of drones, even with just ten minute endurance levels, can probably be coordinat…"
Feb 25, 2012
Albert Augustine commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Tour of the new 3D Robotics factory
"The 3D Printer looks like a Vending machine.
But overall, Cool factory!"
Nov 6, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on agmatthews's blog post Infrared beacon guidance for the arducopter
"@Mike That reminds me of an idea I had were you could place a "Charging Station" which would emit a Blank signal on an RC channel, then the drone or robot ot whatever your using could "feed" off of that power. I
t probably wouldnt mean unlimited air…"
Sep 29, 2011
Albert Augustine replied to Tom in NOVA's discussion Man, 26, charged in model airplane plot to bomb Pentagon
"What an idiot, even if he hit 100% on target it wouldnt do much more then maybe demolish a few rooms and piss us off
and I highly doubt that plane would carry much weight before it becomes so short-ranged that its inefective as a terror weapon
Sep 28, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on Mark Harrison's blog post There's a bug in my flight control system!
"Great, now the US military will be outfitting flys with neural interface's and sending them on spy missions."
Sep 6, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on Gian Carlo M.'s blog post Homemade Lifesize Chinese "Octocopter"
"Wow, leave it to the chinese to make a crazy giant contraption, though I would have probably used electric motors but the batery weight might be too large for it too cary, and I would probably change the cockpit to were it is made of metal and add a…"
Sep 1, 2011
Albert Augustine replied to Albert Augustine's discussion CAP UAV Project
"@bogdan nedelcu
Preferably from peices are starting budget is $0 so we want to try and keep down cost
yes I understand I didnt quite think that crashing part through
and the rest of that post I didnt really understand (sorry really new to t…"
May 13, 2011
Albert Augustine replied to Albert Augustine's discussion CAP UAV Project
"oh god EXTREMELY sorry forgot about this since weve been inactive latly trying to do recruiting things and so il try to awnser as many questions as posible"
May 13, 2011
Albert Augustine posted a discussion
My Civil Air Patrol Flight is interested in building a UAV for Search and Rescue purpose'sbut we have little experience with UAV projects so I have come here to ask for helpwe want a UAV that is:Easy to constructIs easy to find if it crashesCan stan…
Mar 26, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Why doesn't the ball fall off the quad?
"hmm I was thinking flip the quad upside down..though you probably couldent do that"
Mar 19, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on crystal garris's blog post techpod 2.0 progress blog
"wow looks great wayne
espesilly love the camera"
Mar 4, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Triple redundancy autopilot three boards two GPS launched by Micropilot
"hmm now let me look at this $6K for 1 board?
lets see I dont think the average drone exceeds $1K yet alone this board is huge
maybe for a 6 million dolar preditor
so what hapens if the "oversee'er" hardware fails? then plop a dead chunk of $6K parts…"
Feb 20, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on Dean Lamborn's blog post It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Drone!!
"hmm a humingbird drone looks pretty good but 8 minutes of flight time is a little low
need that revolutionary battery tech maybe those solar cells or stick a wind turbine to it
@Paul Marsh
I need one of those
then all it needs is kevlar and some sti…"
Feb 20, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on Lew Payne's blog post  <br /> Back in 1979, there was Newton... the land drone and faithful companion!  Invented by Steve Hodges, a serial entrepeneur here in Boise, Idaho (where I live).  Steve just recently sold M2M, an irriga
"what the they made this in 1979!!?? I like the part about its 20 megabyte hard disk drive
and its 720K floppy disk drive lol if steve hodges got that far imagine what he could do with todays technolegy
considering my smart phone makes newton look li…"
Jan 27, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on James Cann's blog post If at first Quad didn't succeed, TRI TRI again
"wow looks alot beter then the pink foam flyer
but like sabastian said you should improve the mount around where the ducted fans conect to the servo's as if you do a hard crash they look like the'll break off
but over all it looks nice"
Jan 26, 2011
Albert Augustine commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New GPS sensor for Lego Mindstorms
"That...is....AWSOME Chris
lego rocks always"
Nov 24, 2010