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Tour of the new 3D Robotics factory

3689431399?profile=originalI was in San Diego on Thursday to speak at the AUVSI's Unmanned Systems Interoperability Conference and to do a Bloomberg TV segment on 3D Robotics/DIY Drones. This was a good opportunity to tour the new factory, which is now in its own 10,000 square foot building with 15 full-time employees. (3D Robotics is the company that powers the DIY Drones store). This is what it takes to do high-end electronics at the volume and scale we're now operating at. It's a long way from the garage we started in ;-)


Here are some photos from the new space.


Above: the main PCB production line. From left: the automated stencil printer, the pick-and-place machine with autofeeders and the reflow oven.  This is where the magic happens!



Carmen, who runs the QA station at the end of the PCB production line. She tests every board that comes out!


3689431457?profile=originalThese are just a few of the test jigs.


3689431472?profile=originalHere's Alan and the cool new 3D printer. You won't believe the new products they're working on ;-)




3689431489?profile=originalMore shipping


3689431417?profile=originalEngineering department


3689431562?profile=originalThe CNC machine making ArduCopter frame parts



Some Bixler and EasyStar APM enclosure parts made by the CNC.


3689431589?profile=originalJordi and software engineer Pat Hickey in front of the pick-and-place machine


3689431436?profile=originalAccounting and office management


3689431544?profile=originalBloomberg host (and former MTV VJ) Tabitha Soren raiding the refrigerator in the kitchen.


3689431615?profile=original3D printer operator


3689431720?profile=originalHere's the other end of the production line, showing the PCB cutter and reflow oven


3689431641?profile=originalComponent reels, waiting for the pick-and-place


3689431745?profile=originalConference room


3689431766?profile=originalThe engineering area has monitors turned sideways to read LOTS of Arduino code ;-)


3689431820?profile=originalHmm..what are these? Could it be a new product? Hint: they're not cameras ;-)


3689431665?profile=originalWe've even got our own forklift!


3689431792?profile=originalElectronics engineering stations look like this


3689431680?profile=originalHere's another one


3689431905?profile=originalJordi being interviewed by Bloomberg. 

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  • 3D Robotics

    Scott: Just email them and set up a date. They love visitors!

  • Hey so I have to be out that way for a meeting at the Supercomputing Center, how do I score a tour?  get to hang out?

  • Thanks Chris, it is very cool and pro... hope I will have sometimes there

  • We have a conference room?
  • Great Hi-tech Center.

  • 3D Robotics

    Not out yet :(  . Im sure Chris will make a post about it when its released.

  • Can't find anything on 3D robotics or diydrones etc. the Bloomberg site so perhaps its not out yet. Do you think one will be able to see it online?

    Would absolutely love to...

  • Hurray for notepad++

  • impressive!

  • The 3D Printer looks like a Vending machine.
    But overall, Cool factory!
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