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This is my official blog for the progress on the techpod 2.0 . I have posted some design pictures here . this is the first try at a frame for it .clearance between camera and dome look great no problem getting 180 deg of travel on both axis . the only problem is the servo proves be to wobbly by itself so I'm going to whip up a solution . I have the new design just gotta go cut it out in the CNC . will post the results . you can learn more about the techpod and purchase the 1.0 version at evuas.com .
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  • any news on a release date of the techpod 2.0?

  • 100KM
    yep thats it , no on the apm.
    techpod 1.1 is avialable on ebay under evuas . ill post the link
  • WayneGarris, can you give me a website? Im interested in your Reciever Ready Plane TechPod with crystal clear dome..... I'm not using it for UAV.....I'm more interested in FPV.....




  • Actually the one I found you could buy a separate interface board. Is this what you are talking about?


    Congrats on the new job in the aerospace sector. Hope to be there myself one day when I am out of school. so you did run it through the APM?

  • 100KM
    @ everyone,
    I got hired at a major local aerospace firm and have been working 6-7 days a week . sorry for the inactivity but I bearly see daylight any more . the good news is ive been training my son to build and produce ARFs of the techpod.
    its been slow progress due to time constraints .
    @ dan,
    just use the interface board that came with it , ive hooked it up to my desktop and a netburner mod5213
  • I was looking into using this image sensor as well and was wondering if you have any tips on what to do. I want to output video but also control to the zoom functions as well. Any reference or help you can provide would be great. Does the video go straight to output or can it be routed through the apm?




  • How much does the camera + ptz weigh?  Would you be able to sell me just the camera part?  or whole fuselage if it's easier.
  • anyone know what happen to WayneGarris?


    His email on www.EVUAS.com  doesnt' work?


    Is he still selling this 98" wingspan awesome Plane ?

  • wow looks great wayne

    espesilly love the camera

  • What kind of interface do you use between the camera and computer?
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